For some addiction, for others just a need, the truth is that no one lives without clothes and accessories.

Especially at times of the year like this, when the season change is approaching, store windows become more attractive to consumers, but after all spending on summer vacations, saving and rebalancing the personal budget should be the priorities. How can we save money on clothes?

Avoid buying

Avoid buying

It is common sense that easiest and quickest way to save money on clothing is to avoid buying it. Know your wardrobe, know exactly all the pieces you have and so you will realize that after all you do not need another pair of pants.

And if you have to buy anything, do not do it on impulse. Look at the part at different stores and compare prices to ensure you spend as little as possible – enjoy the time balances or buy second hand!

To take care of the clothes

To take care of the clothes

Take care of your clothes and we assure you that it will last longer. Pay attention to the symbols on the labels and always follow the washing and drying instructions.

Learn how to get paint off your clothes and other difficult stains, so you can remove them quickly and without having to spend money in a laundry if you want to recover the piece.

Exchange, arrange, borrow


Select some good parts you no longer use and exchange some parts with friends and family.

Before you get rid of your clothes, always check them out. See if there are pants that can turn into shorts or other pieces that just need some sewing arrangements to re-use.

And if you have a wedding or a formal event, before you spend money on a set that will probably only be used once, close your wallet and borrow it!

Convey clothing

Convey clothing

Whether you’re looking for sewing or not, learning how to make your own clothes is a good choice for a variety of reasons: it’s cheaper than buying new ones, you can create models you don’t find in stores, make tailor-made pieces , the new hobby.

Sell ​​Online

With the change of season take advantage to organize your wardrobe and put aside the parts you no longer use. Make a selection of those that are in good condition, and instead of discarding them, you can sell them on the internet – social networking is a good bet. Free some space in the closet and still make money!

If you were inspired by these savings tips, know how to save on other areas of your life, too.

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