10 Coolest Bleach Villains, Ranked


Modern shonen anime series are full of ultra-cool characters who often become fan favorites, often appearing in fan art or as cosplay. The hit series Bleachfor example, is home to some really cool characters like Ichigo Kurosaki, Toshiro Hitsugaya, and Kisuke Urahara, and the villains are pretty cool too.

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Some anime villains are just comic relief or serve as cannon fodder to show how strong the heroes are. But other villains amaze fans with their sleek designs, cool and confident personalities, compelling stories, and intriguing worldviews. And some just have an “it” factor that makes them the coolest villains.

ten Lille Barro is a crafty sniper Quincy

In the Bloody Thousand Year War arc, the heroes faced off against a vengeful Quincy army led by the mighty Sternritter, four of whom made up King Yhwach’s personal guard. One of them is the cool Quincy named Lille Barro, or Sternritter X. It means “The X axis”.

Lille is an elite shonen sniper whose shots can pierce absolutely any defense without mercy, and even Team 0 struggled against him. Snipers are always cool characters, especially when calm, confident and disciplined like Lille.

9 As Nodt arms fear itself

Another cool but terrifying Quincy is Sternritter F, As Nodt. His power is fear, allowing him to induce extreme terror and panic in his enemies by striking them with his thorn-like arrows. No physical barrier can block the effects of The Fear, as such emotions are intangible.

Nodt is calm, deadly, and serious, and that, combined with his creepy appearance and fear-based powers, makes him pretty cool and quite memorable. He was the one who stole Byakuya’s bankai and nearly killed him with it before tangling with Rukia later. His ultimate form, Tatar Foras, is the stuff of nightmares.

8 Askin Nakk Le Vaar is funny and cool

Askin Nakk Le Vaar, who has an ability called The Deathdealing, is another sleek Sternritter to appear in the Thousand Year Blood War arc. With this nifty ability, Askin can alter his opponent’s body chemistry so that seemingly harmless substances suddenly become lethally toxic, even the person’s own blood.

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For example, Askin can cause the opponent’s blood to be poisonous and have to bleed for their blood level to drop below the lethal amount and end up dying from blood loss instead. It’s gruesome but undeniably cool, and Askin also has a tidy appearance and a compelling personality.

seven Jugram Hashwalth is Yhwach’s right-hand man

The Quincy’s have never been so cool BleachPrevious villains, but they have some neat designs, and that includes Sternritter B, Jugram Haschwalth. He’s a confident princely villain who looks like something straight out of a Castlevania story, with a fancy sword and shield despite being a Quincy.

Jugram’s cold, commanding confidence makes him a cool villain to behold, and it seems like nothing can shake him. He also has a powerful ability to absorb and redirect misfortune to avoid damage and instead defeat his enemy with his own deflected attacks. It’s his idea to balance things out to maintain justice.

6 Tier Halibel was oddly kind but still deadly

The 3rd Espada was Tier Halibel, a powerful female Arrancar who, despite her brutal attitude, was like a big sister to her three fracciones. This helped balance her character somewhat and set her apart from loathsome bullies like Nnoitora Gilga and Yammy Llargo.

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Like the coolest Bleach villains, Halibel has a cold confidence as a warrior and some interesting abilities to her name. She can infuse her hollow zanpakuto with cero blasts, a move all her own, and then she can become a shark queen in her released form. His sword is actually a giant, elongated shark’s tooth.

5 Gin Ichimaru always smiled

Ultimately, former captain Gin Ichimaru wasn’t a total villain deep down, but for much of Bleach‘s story, he was an antagonist. And what a cool antagonist he was in those days. Gin is an extremely skilled and arrogant swordsman who likes to taunt his enemies in battle, and that’s cool rather than annoying.

Gin sneaks Bleach‘s other characters with his endless smirk and goofy tone, which hides what he’s really thinking. It makes him even cooler and scarier when he gets serious about changing and opens his eyes a bit.

4 Coyote Starrk didn’t want to fight

The 1st Espada, a certain Coyote Starrk, was actually quite healthy despite being Sousuke Aizen’s strongest servant. This mighty Arrancar was more interested in making friends than fighting, and he was having fun Bleach fans with his apathetic, lazy attitude and general lack of meanness.

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Starrk has proven himself to be one of Bleachthe coolest villains with his sleek appearance, compelling personality, and remarkable fighting skills. He has ultra-sharp instincts and intuition as a fighter, and he’s found an odd balance between being ruthless and shy when fighting Captains Kyoraku and Ukitake.

3 Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is Ichigo’s best rival

The 6th Espada, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, is a fan favorite for many reasons. For starters, he was Ichigo’s perfect villainous rival, and oddly enough, these two characters brought out the best in each other. Their final battle inside Las Noches is unforgettable.

Grimmjow is cool in so many ways, from its sleek visual design to its tough, clever dialogue and fun, reckless demeanor. He also has a sense of honor and wants to fight fair, and he even saved Orihime once. Its published form, Pantera, is also very cool in form and function.

2 Sousuke Aizen is the ultimate mastermind

The ultimate villain himself, former captain Sosuke Aizen of Team 5, is also one of the Bleachthe coolest antagonists of all. Like Jugram Hashwalth, Aizen is cool because he’s a confident, stylish schemer who always knows what to do, and he’s both intimidating and cool when talking to everyone.

Aizen can do everything from crafting brilliant schemes to fooling everyone with his hypnotic zanpakuto, master level kido spells and more. It also has some of the best villain dialogue in all of anime, like its quote about how admiration is the furthest emotion from understanding.

1 Ulquiorra Schiffer was stone cold in bleach

The 4th Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer, appeared early and often once the Arrancar Arc began. He was Aizen’s most trusted and loyal servant, being called upon to spy on Ichigo, capture Orihime, and protect Las Noches from intruders. All the while, Ulquiorra was the epitome of a cold, calculating villain with a superiority complex.

Ulquiorra had frightening philosophies about hope and nihilism, and his psychological warfare was quite effective. Besides her cool dialogue, Ulquiorra also has unwavering confidence, outstanding design and visual powers, and a great personal arc to finally experience the reality of Orihime’s intangible heart. Despite his many crimes, fans actually missed Ulquiorra when he finally died.

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