10 Cutest League Of Legends Champions


MOBA Fire Game League of Legends is a huge international success and has gained attention for its large and diverse roster of playable champions. Online multiplayer play allows teams of champions to fight against each other until one of them breaks their enemy’s connection point.

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With so many different characters with special fighting abilities, this game has a lot to offer in terms of variability. There are spooky champions, pirate-like champions, and heavily armored champions, but only a few can be considered the cutest in the world. League of Legends.


Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump are one of the early champions of this game, and although their original skin is terrifying, they’ve been visually reworked so many times that they’ve gotten more and more cute over the years.

This team of 2 is adorable in each of their skins, but especially in the Workshop or Grungy skins which showcase the boy’s rosy cheeks and the yeti’s mischievous smile. Overall, they make a lovely pair and one of the best junglers to play, regardless of someone’s skill level.


Neeko in League of Legends

Neeko is a sort of chameleon-human hybrid who is extremely colorful and has a high, cute voice that accompanies her acting in the game. Her voice lines reinforce this idea that she is both innocent and excitable as she goes. fight opponents or discover more of Runeterra.

She is especially attractive in her Star Guardian skin which has an emote where she hangs out with a matching little pink and green frog. Although she is a fierce competitor who deals a ton of magical damage, her appearance is deceptive whether she is delicious herself or camouflaging herself as a different player.


Annie is a little girl with a serious anger problem that manifests itself in flames. She is still accompanied by her teddy bear in her arms, but when she uses her ultimate, she unleashes Tibbers, a bear that deals heavy attacks and burning damage to enemies in melee.

While some of his older skins can be a bit creepy, his newer Cafe Cuties skins are incredibly adorable. His hair is pink, his outfit is frilly, and Tibbers has a tiny chef’s mustache. Annie’s splash art may show otherwise, but she’s still just a lost little girl.


Poppy in League of Legends

Poppy is one of the roughest, toughest yordles, as she’s a melee champion with a hammer the size of her body and moves between the top lane and the jungle in normal play. However, her pigtails and long pointy ears soften her heavily armored exterior and make her look almost childish.

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Poppy is the definition of small but mighty as she stands up for herself and her team. Her pastel blue skin and bright purple eyes add to her charm as they underline her soft appearance. Even though she has a tooth as sharp as a razor, her expression is more cheerful than frightening.


Lulu is a great Support Champion who has a ton of crowd control abilities and enjoys hanging out with her sprites. While some of her old skins look rather spooky, her Star Guardian skins are extremely colorful and make her look more like a character from sailor moon than anything else.

Lulu is cutest in her new space groove skin, which makes her look like an animated character in a children’s space movie. The size of her hat also exaggerates her height, while also making her character feel different from other yordles in the game.


lillia league of legends in her stock skin splash art

Lillia is one of the newest champions on this list and she’s half human and half wildlife. She has a small bushy tail and a Scottish accent. She loves to browse the map at high speed and when she makes an emotion, a bird follows her everywhere.

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Even Lillia’s abilities are purple and shiny, which amplifies her appearance as a Disney character. Almost all of her skins are adorable except for her Nightbringer skin, which is a bit dark and spooky due to its metallic and red appearance.


Zoe is a very skilled mid laner who can jump through portals and put enemies to sleep if they simply fall into one of her puddles. Although she may look like a little girl, she is actually over 1,000 years old, which makes her even much younger than Heimerdinger, one of the oldest characters according to tradition.

Much like Lillia, her abilities are purple and shiny. In her splash art, Zoe is brilliantly colored with purples, pinks, and blues, and the heterochromia in her eyes captures these colors as well.


Séraphine was released last year and she is the embodiment of a charming popstar. Not only was she first featured on KDA’s song “More”, fans also shared their love for her with their fantastic and precise Seraphine cosplays.

Seraphine has one of the most stylish stock skin outfits, which is purple and has a multichromatic shimmer. Her long pink and purple hair is one of her most iconic features along with the sticker she has on her face. His whole personality is based on his cutesy style and his ability to charm any audience.


Teemo in League of Legends

Teemo is a yordle top laner who likes to hide in the bushes and waddle while walking around. His voice is shrill and makes him sound like a small child. He’s not like other champions his size as he’s clearly very fuzzy and has doggy ears.

Teemo’s Omega Squad skin is the only one that’s half creepy, as her normal voice lines get much darker. Her Beemo skin and Spirit Blossom skins emphasize her waddle and make her poisonous mushrooms look like honeycombs or flowers, respectively. It’s such a favorite that a Teemo fan even made Boba the shape of his mushrooms for fun.


Yuumi is the cutest champion of League of Legends because each of her skin looks super soft and she’s just a sweet little kitten with a lot of care for those champions in need. Her latest bewitching Halloween-inspired skin is extra adorable, as her head is shaped like a happy little pumpkin.

Yuumi doesn’t do much damage, but his ability to boost any champion fed is unmatched by any other medium. Not only is she different from all the other characters in terms of her playstyle, but she’s literally just a cat floating on a book. It is inherently delicious.

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