14 sequels that really didn’t need to happen


Would you ever like it would not Come back? Just one time?

Sadly, like Skynet, the Terminator franchise has proven to be a monster that can never truly be wiped out. Despite all of its hype, “Terminator 2” was never a cheap cash-in exercise. It was a more than worthy sequel to the 1985 original, carefully continuing and concluding Sarah Connor’s story against the machines. “Terminator 3”, however, sounds like a cynical excuse to extend a story that was indeed already over.

With Edward Furlong not wisely returning to reprise the role, “Terminator 3” sees John Connor and his girlfriend being pursued by another unstoppable Skynet agent. It’s another chase movie lacking the style or intelligence of its two predecessors, with only a vaguely new and interesting ending preventing it from being another generic action movie.

It should be noted that “Terminator: Salvation” could easily have filled that spot, being a movie in which my friend from the theaters asked, “What does Skynet really want?” The Terminator movie roster proves that as long as Skynet still has access to time travel technology, the studios will maintain this franchise forever.


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