20 products that could be sold with songs by Bruce Springsteen



Now that Bruce Springsteen has sold his music catalog to Sony for $ 500 million, imagine the music giant will want to start clawing back that money and making a lot more out of it. One way is to allow songs to be used in commercials.

There was once an uproar when Michael Jackson allowed Nike to use the Beatles’ “Revolution” in a TV commercial to sell sneakers. Paul McCartney speaking to Bob Costas said he was “bothered by it”.

“With The Beatles, we’ve had all of these offers, whoever publishes these songs gets these offers, we’ve had offers from the big soft drink companies, but we’ve always turned them down because we thought it would devalue the whole thing. had been seen as a sellout, which we didn’t want to do. We kind of felt that our fans believed in us and we owed them some kind of integrity. “

“So something like ‘Revolution’ means something more than a pair of sneakers,” says McCartney, “and I think commercially that’s not such a good move.”

That said, Beatles songs continue to be used in commercials, which you can see here. So if Sony were to go down that road with Bruce’s songs, which songs do you think they would use to sell which products? Here are some of my Facebook listeners and friends:

Walt wormann

Born to run … Pepto Bismol

Chuck homler

Born to race for Imodium AD

Robert Michelin

Blinded By Light For Coors Light Beer

Noelle Rose Lisa

Pink cadillac

Brian brown

A perfect song. Yes, it is for Pennsylvania and PennDot. Happens all the time. Work on the highway

Jeffrey Paul

“Prove It All Night Long – Duracell Batteries”

John norton

“Brilliant Disguise – Max Factor Makeup”

Steve odabashian

“I’m on fire for Preparation H”

Ron cori

Ascension …. Viagra

Jane marks biunno

Born in the USA ~ Shop for products made in the USA

Kevin kearney

Glory days for AARP.

Laura Jensen Lezynski

1. Blinded by light – Ray-ban sunglasses

2. She is the One- DeBeer Diamonds

3. Drive the night away – Ford Motor Company

4. Long walk home -AAA

Harry spivak

Blockade of Tenth Avenue. Prestone Antifreeze

Garth H. Raymond

Jungleland for a great Animal Safari adventure

Bob O’Brien Leszczak

Cover me for an insurance company

Jim somogyi

Lost in the flood – Allstate Homeowners Insurance

Donna D’Antonio Hull

Better Days for down the shore tourism… or the new jingle for The Villages

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