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For decades rock stars loved movies and movies loved rock stars. Whether it’s Elvis in “Viva Las Vegas”, the Beatles in “Help !,” or the Spice Girls in “Spice World”, the best artists in the music world have long put their talents and energies on screen.

But some music icons have also been featured in films where they can only rely on their acting skills, not their vocals (although their vocals are sometimes heard as the title music). In some cases the results have been disappointing – Glen Campbell was wise not to give up his day job – but in others the performances held up quite well.

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Some stars, like Cher and Kris Kristofferson, have actually had serious acting careers. Here are the movie roles that launched Hollywood’s biggest stars.

24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of some 25 personalities better known for their discographies than for their filmographies, as well as notes on one of their most outstanding performances. Pop stars, rock and rollers, and country singers are included. These are the best movies for country music fans.


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