25 Years of Life and Another Appeal Awaited in Antler Lodge Murder


A Binghamton man, who won a new trial after being found guilty of murdering another man outside the former Antler Lodge on the Chenango Street Viaduct in July 2015, is also expected to appeal his second conviction after being again sentenced to the maximum sentence.

Joshua Taylor, 36, was convicted in 2017 of the James High murder and then convicted again in December in a retrial.

He was sentenced on March 16 to 25 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Taylor and High got into a fight and High was shot outside the bar.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (File)

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (File)

The 2017 verdict was overturned when Taylor’s attorney successfully argued that the judge should have instructed the jury on the significance of the circumstantial evidence because there was no testimony from a specifically identifying witness. Taylor as the shooter.

The retrial saw a witness pointing the finger at Taylor in court as having a handgun after gunshots were heard.

Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak says he is satisfied with the sentence and is ready for another appeal.

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