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As this edition of Retro Roundup comes out on Christmas Day, all the best to readers of this column for the holiday season, and everyone else.

We take a break from the top 10 hits of the 1960s to guess instead which 1972 albums might come out as 50th anniversary editions, or how some artists might celebrate this milestone.

Abba: The Swedish superstars only released their first album, Ding dong, in 1973. But their first single, People need love, was released in 1972. Could there be another reissue of their singles in the coming year, with all B sides, as well as alternate versions, musical only tracks and mono mixes released for AM radio? I would love to have such a collection at a reasonable price. In terms of purely musical pieces, the one that was played for Dancing queen to band member Frida before the vocal tracks were added made her cry for joy.

The Beatles Solo: In fact, 1972 was a pretty dormant year for the Former Fab Four in terms of musical releases. Paul McCartney and Wings have released some standalone singles (the news Giving Ireland back to the Irish, the very ridiculed Mary had a little lamb and the cool rocker Hi Hi Hi), George Harrison did not release any works in the studio in 1972, and his live Concert for Bangladesh released in January 1972 in England; and Ringo Starr released the independent single Stand back Boogaloo, which some interpret as a blow to McCartney. John Lennon released the uncritically acclaimed topical studio / live album Sometimes in New York. So here’s an idea for Apple Records / Capitol / Universal: Since it was largely a year for singles, release a collection of chronological singles of all the Beatles solo, from 1969 to 1980, not with every record dedicated to a Beatle, but in reality order of release, which would mean that John Give peace a chance, Cold turkey and Instant karma followed by songs like Ringo’s Lots of Blues, Georges Sweet Jesus and What is life, that of Paul Another day, Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (an American single) and The backseat of my car (a British single) and Ringo’s It doesn’t come easily, etc. A version of this collection might just include the A-side hits, an expanded version might include B-sides (many of which were non-LP songs), and a Super Deluxe edition might include all of the above plus alternatives, musical tracks only. , demos and live versions of the singles.

The Beach Boys – The band’s only 1972 album was Carl and the passions, which critics didn’t like at first but has grown in popularity over the years. The next set awaited by the Beach Boys, after the superb Feel the flows box covering the Sunflower and Surf’s Up from 1969 to the end of 1971, should be a reissue of Carl and the passions and Holland, the latter being released in early 1973 but recorded in 1972. So I would expect this highly anticipated box to release at the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023.

The Who: No album release that year, only a few singles. So I don’t expect anything new this year. A 1972 live set would be nice, however.

The Rolling Stones: It’s the big one: Exile on the main street is considered by many (myself included) to be the best rock album of 1972 and one of the best of all time, not only for the songs and the performances, but also for the cold and murky atmosphere that surrounds it. ‘accompanied. A Super Deluxe Edition was released in 2010, but a Super Duper Deluxe Edition may be released this year with more takes, demos where available, mono single mixes, early studio versions of some of the songs, and live versions of some tracks. . Big question: will the cloudiness translate well in a possible 5.1 surround and / or Dolby Atmos mix?

Next time, let’s go back to the F list.



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