A deep dive into the life of the Beatles with Rick Rubin


“I can’t read music – or write it,” admits Paul McCartney, one of the great composers of the last century. So how did the Beatle and the frontman of the Wings become such an incomparable artist? “This means that it is hereHe told producer Rick Rubin, nine-time Grammy winner, in the docuseries McCartney 3.2.1, pointing his head, “not on a piece of paper.”

This is all the charm of this three-hour deep dive into the life of the legend of the Fab Four, covering the seeds of his creativity and his musical connections. Stemming from a conversation between Rubin and fellow executive producer Jeff Pollack about their biggest dream interview, the six-episode docuseries were filmed during the pandemic last summer on an intimately lit set with little more than a few a producer’s instruments and mixer.

(Photo courtesy of Hulu)

There, Rubin – having obtained, in a rare feat, original tapes from Abbey Road Studios – plays some McCartney favorites. Rubin’s questions lead to happy revelations (McCartney hearing the words “salt and pepper” inspired the album title Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Group) and remarkable insight.

“Paul is a great universal artist,” says Pollack TV Guide Magazine. “Imagine being able to ask Mozart:” When you were writing The Marriage of Figaro, why did you do this or that? ‘ That’s what was so exciting about it.

McCartney 3, 2, 1, Available now


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