a toy for each child


We used to play a lot in the attic when we were kids. Oh sure, it was a spider’s web and a little scary at times. And it was not very pleasant when the temperature climbed above 140 degrees during the summer. Or when all the winter snow caused the roof to collapse. Or when wasps poured out of the basketball-sized nest they had built after making their way through the wall. But we really didn’t have a lot of choice in this area. Because that’s where all the toys were.

Aerosmith said so.

Times were tough, but we had the coolest toys around. Handmade Sopwith Camels paper plane with Snoopy at the controls – we shot down more deadly hornets than you could wave – a few balls of string – if they were good enough for the cat, they were good enough for us – and even a few sock puppets that we sewn together. In fact, that’s how we made our millions.

They inspired us to invent the Muppets.

How things have changed. Kids today love choppy toys made of plastic bubbles that can be popped and then bounce like a ricochet cookie, coding robots and baby dragon dream pets, infinite cubes and fairy finders shiny – apparently getting a quarter of a to put a tooth under a pillow is no longer good enough; now you have to trap them and keep them in a jar like you do with fireflies – spirograph animators and gooey looking disgusting stuff called slime.

Although playing with gunk like that might be considered fun is totally beyond us.

Yet peanut butter and jelly are now the happiest birds in all of the United States – preening and prancing in front of crowds of young worshipers who gawk at their new digs of safe homes at the College of Agriculture in the United States. ‘Purdue University – it’s worth remembering that the turkeys pardoned by the president aren’t the only ones who deserve a day of doo-dah skippity. Children who don’t have much too.

And that’s where you come in.

In case it occurs to you, this weekend is the most wonderful time of the year. Where you push, shove, trample, and chop the chops of all those losing parents trying to catch the hottest, coolest, groomest, and must-have daddy you’ve already got dibs on because it’s the only way for your children to love you forever and ever amen.

Because they want to.

Well we have a better idea. Take advantage of today’s Black Friday sales and tomorrow’s small business Saturday bargains to pick up some cute toys for some local boys and girls who might otherwise have pretty slim pickups this holiday season for toy drive. Lenawee from The Sweet Boutique for the benefit of Associated Charities. Having adopted this fundraising effort as our official Talk Back Christmas project, we especially encourage our listeners and callers to help make it a resounding success. I do not know what to do? You already have a team of advisors who will never go wrong. Your children or grandchildren. Or write a check to Associated Charities, and they’ll do the shopping for you.

Either way, drop off your toys and checks today, tomorrow or Sunday at The Sweet Boutique at the corner of North M-52 and Sutton Road. You might even win a gift card for your help. Oh, and take the kids with you because Zootopia’s Judy, Nick and Flash will be there from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday and from noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Bringing some holiday cheer to someone else will leave you warm everywhere.

And there is nothing cheesy about it.

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