AAA Texas provides free catalytic converter burning


A little white spray paint and a little etching might be enough to keep your catalytic converter.

HOUSTON, Texas — As car owners continue to fight to keep their catalytic converters, AAA Texas hopes a more permanent solution can reduce theft.

They offer a limited number of free catalytic converter engravings and also work with local auto shops to provide the service on a regular basis.

A little white spray paint and a little etching might be enough to keep your catalytic converter.

“It’s a crime of opportunity, it’s so quick to commit. It’s so lucrative. The amount of money they get for these catalytic converters is insane,” said Sergeant Eduardo Rivera of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Auto Theft Task Force.

Crime has increased as the price of precious metals skyrockets.

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“To date, between January and today, approximately 3,000 catalytic converters have been stolen,” Sergeant Rivera said.

AAA Texas says recyclers will pay $50 to $250 per catalytic converter, but the cost to replace one could run into the thousands.

So doing something as simple as burning that might help. While they hope it’s a deterrent to thieves, it could also help you get yours back if it’s taken.

AAA Texas partners with nine Houston-area auto shops to offer free appointments for catalytic converter etchings.

But if you’re unable to get one of those appointments, you could get coverage for free on your next service, like an oil change. It’s part of their new program.

“To have our facilities AAA approved, like Christian Brothers here, they will be able to have their catalytic converters engraved for free at participating AAA stores across the state when they have paid service,” said Dave Skaien, director of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Program, said.

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HCSO said the engravings would give them a better chance of finding the victims and stopping the crime.

Free appointments are full, but AAA is looking to add more. They also plan to add more stores that will offer free engraving with paid service.

You can find more information, visit to find a facility that offers free burning with paid service.


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