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We continue our return to the music of 50 years ago… ..

Santana - Santana (III) - Amazon.com Music

There are a lot of albums recorded in 1971 that sound dated…. Santana’s 3rd album is not one of them.

The record is simply superb… underlining the lightning guitar playing between Carlos and the 16 year old protégé Neal Schon who had joined the group since their last LP.

Schon and keyboardist Greg Rolie would later leave to form Journey. In fact, this is the last album to feature all of the original band “Woodstock”. And the Lp reached number one in the US charts.

As always, the percussion leads to many songs like the opener “Batuka”, although the pyrotechnics of the guitar are impressive. One of the hit singles on the record, “No One To Depend On”, was taken from a ’60s song called “Spanish Grease” by Willie Bobo …

But if you’ve only heard “No One To Depend On” in his radio edit… the long version of the song will be a revelation. it smokes!

All the songs bring it but I personally like the instrumental Toussaint L’Overture which hits you in the ears… and the soul-funk hit “Everybody’s Everything”… “time for you to all get down” indeed.

This outfit was as loud as it gets with everyone playing the other in a tight, funky conflagration of guitars, organ and percussion.

The group also traveled to Ghana in 1971 for a concert featuring big American stars… it was shot under the movie name Soul To Soul.

Santana III looks like it could have been recorded yesterday and that says something that a 50 year old recording can rival anything on radio today.

Put it on and smile.



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