Alan Robert ‘arrested’ in Brooklyn


The Spoiler NYC frontman, Life of Agony bassist and graphic designer Alan Robert were recently caught on camera being arrested with his Spoiler bandmates at the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn.

Well not really. The band’s music video for “Banned in 38 States,” released last Thursday, October 18, showed the band walking out of the heavy metal-themed bar in handcuffs and performing behind bars in a sketch-like approach.

Produced by Ken Lewis, a producer whose repertoire includes work with the Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, and countless other hip-hop icons, it’s a fast, hard-hitting punk rock track that barely makes it past two minutes. Robert proclaims the band’s infamy as punk-infused instigators of mayhem, shouting on the first verse, “There’s no more left to play, a lot of hell to raise, pour me another bourbon, whiskey or wine. “

“Bannid in 38 States” is one of two new tracks from their album of the same name released in August. This is a 15th anniversary edition of their debut album Grease fire in hell’s kitchen, featuring remastered versions of the 12 original songs from the disc.

Spoiler NYC band members left to right: Chris “Junkyard” Silletti (guitar), Alan Robert (vocals/bass), Tommy “The Kid” Clayton (drums).

The other new addition is “Damaged Goods”, slower and more melodic, an ode to Robert’s tumultuous upbringing with an abusive father. “People say I’ll never be anything, and then they’ll wait until I kill myself or something, then they’ll say ‘oh what a shame, it’s been damaged,'” he sings on the chorus.

The song received a Taxi Driver-themed music video in August when the remastered album was released.

Spoiler NYC is also promoting Banned in 38 states with three upcoming shows: one in November in a return to the Lucky 13 Saloon, and two in December, featuring appearances at Coney Island USA and Bowery Electric.

Ticket information, Banned in 38 states’ limited vinyl release on Halloween, and more can be found on the Spoiler NYC website.


Friday 11/18/22: Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn, NY. NYC ‘Record Release Show’ Spoiler

Sunday 11/12/22: Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave. Brooklyn, NY. Morning.

Sunday 12/18/22: The Bowery Electric, NYC. Morning for all.


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