Already arrested once, Lorain’s thief caught trying to commit the same crime: Seven Hills Police Blotter



Theft by Deception: Broadview Road

On October 23, a loss prevention associate from Meijer called police after discovering that a man – who was previously accused of not committing the same crime at the Broadview Road store – was back.

An arriving officer viewed surveillance footage which revealed Lorain’s man walked into the store empty-handed and selected several items, which he then returned to the customer service counter. He received a $ 107.56 store credit gift card.

At that point, the man attempted to walk away with two unpaid items valued at $ 139 in his shopping cart. It was then that the store associate attempted to apprehend the suspect, who left without the second batch of stolen items.

The agent requested that the gift card be canceled. Lorain’s man was again charged with theft by deception.

Drunk Driving: Broadview Road

On October 24, police were dispatched to a gas station regarding a minor car accident at the intersection of Broadview Road and Pleasant Valley Road.

While talking to a driver in Garfield Heights, who had run into another vehicle, the officer smelled alcohol. The man admitted to having had a beer earlier today.

The driver of the other vehicle said he was pulled over on East Pleasant Valley Road when the other driver struck him. After both cars arrived at the gas station, the other driver put something in the trash. This is where the officer found an empty can of White Claw.

The Garfield Heights man initially denied throwing anything away. He then changed his story to say that he threw something away, but the can of the White Claw was not his.

After failing a field field sobriety test – before which it was discovered to be hiding an open box of Spooky Tooth – the man was arrested for drunk driving.

During a search of his vehicle, police also found two unopened bottles of Fireball. The man was also charged with an open container.

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