Bajan Producer Appeals For Mom After Mother’s Day Crash


What should have been Mother’s Day for Cheryl Rose on Sunday, May 8, took a horrific turn.

While out for an early morning jog, famed producer Chris Rose’s mother was hit from behind by a vehicle while on the sidewalk. She suffered a head trauma which caused a cerebral hemorrhage. The mother-of-two remains hospitalized in critical condition.

The multi-platinum music producer took to his social media to call on the public to get involved in fundraising efforts.

“My mum was in an accident with a car while jogging. She has been in intensive care for a month now. If you would like to donate to help my mum recover, there is a link in my bio Thank you to everyone who sent prayers or a kind message,” he said.

Her brother, Nicholas, on his Instagram page, pleaded for people to donate, saying: “The more people affected, the sooner my mum can get the treatment she needs.”

The GoFundMe page was started by family friend Tracy Currie, to help raise money for medical expenses. Costs for medical evacuation, hospitalization, neurology specialists and rehabilitation in Canada are estimated at 1 million Canadian dollars.

“This crowdfunding/support campaign has been put together with love and hopes to help with the financial burden placed on Cheryl and her family as she requires the ongoing intensive care of her medical team.

“Still unconscious or breathing on her own, it has become apparent that Cheryl needs to be moved from her home island of Barbados to Canada, where she is a citizen and can hopefully receive a wider range of medical care. and rehabilitation. As you can imagine, the cost of a medical air ambulance plus any necessary hospitalization costs will be astronomical.

“We estimate that the financial costs of neurological care and rehabilitation exceed 1 million Canadian dollars. A single quote for a medical evacuation was approximately $85.9,000 CDN. Our desire is to help with these financial burdens in a meaningful way,” Currie wrote.

She described Chris and Nicholas Rose’s mother as a “great support and asset to the community”.

“Cheryl is still unable to talk to you on her own; however, in his name and in advance, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations, messages of encouragement, positive vibes, prayers, love and light.

Big or small, your donation is greatly appreciated and we believe it will make a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity,” she continued.

Until publication, the family has raised just over $40,000.

Those interested in donating for Cheryl’s recovery can visit:


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