Barry Keoghan | Barry Keoghan kept complaining about the Eternals costume


Barry Keoghan hated his “Eternals” costume.

The 29-year-old actor stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) blockbuster as Druig and admitted he was uncomfortable wearing many layers while filming in the Canary Islands.

Speaking to, Keoghan said, “There were three layers and I complained about it every day, especially since we were shooting in the heat.”

Despite his complaints, the “Dunkirk” actor admits that the outfit did his superhero justice and that all of the characters “did very well”.

He added, “All of the outfits are unique to the character and all of the costumes stand out really well.”

The star explained that he signed up for Chloe Zhao’s film because he felt the character was different from roles he had played in the past – and he was delighted that he could use his natural Irish accent for the role.

The ‘Green Knight’ actor said, “I think we can see different sides of the character compared to the roles I’ve played before. He’s got poise, charm and something mysterious about him. wanted to tackle this and show people that I can do more than the weird, scary kid.

“I can also use my own accent, which is great. The Irish accent is beautiful and it’s nice to use your own identity.”

Keoghan also spoke about how appearing alongside stars such as Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, and Salma Hayek in the film’s impressive ensemble improved his own acting skills.

He said: “I am a huge fan of my co-stars and I admire their work and it made me want to play at the highest level. Being in this cast has been a blessing for me.”


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