Behind the lyrics of the song: “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney



Released in November 1979 after the band formed by McCartney Wings released their latest album, Back to egg, this now classic Christmas song is a catchy, uplifting, if not totally wacky track that most people know deep in their Christmas bones.

The playful song was McCartney’s first solo single since the track “Eat at Home” in 1971. And to date, McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” has made it into the Top 10 in countries like the UK (where he has performed. peaked at 6th place), Austria, Germany, Ireland, Latvia and the Netherlands. And in the Top 20 in Canada, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Originally it was recorded during the sessions of the legendary artist’s second solo album, McCartney II, which he released in 1980. And while critics didn’t like the song back then (and probably still not now), many music fans (and McCartney’s) loved it and integrated into their annual rotation.

(And on a personal note, in my hometown of Seattle, the local Christmas station, Warm 106.9, broadcasts it almost every hour, which my wife and I love to hear on our road trips.)

The Air, which was later added to the 1993 CD reissue of Back to egg and on subsequent luxury album editions (including a longer, unedited version on the 2011 reissue of the deluxe edition of McCartney II), is composed largely with synthesizer sound effects and McCartney frequently repeating the chorus. With lots of bells.

“Wonderful Christmastime” was written in B major and recorded entirely by McCartney while working on McCartney II, his second solo LP. And while the Wings members aren’t on the recording, they do appear in the accompanying music video, which you can see above.

The video was shot at the Fountain Inn in Ashurst, West Sussex, and also features footage filmed at the Hippodrome Theater in Eastbourne, where the former Mop Top rehearsed his 1979 UK tour. Wings then performed “Wonderful Christmastime” During their 1979 tour of the region.

According to Forbes magazine, as of 2010, it has been estimated that McCartney earns $ 400,000 a year from the runway, bringing total revenue to over $ 15 million and now, likely to over $ 20 million for the former Beatle, now 79 years old.

The song itself is wacky and almost spatial. With rhythmic synth sounds that almost sound like Star Wars lasers as much as melodic attempts. To begin the song, as the sleigh bells ring, McCartney sings:

The moon is right
Morale is rising
We are here tonight
And that’s enough

Then the chorus begins and if you haven’t heard it before, it will stay in your brain forever:

Just have a wonderful Christmas time
Just have a wonderful Christmas time

The melody master then sings a party, a children’s choir, the rumor spreads in the city, and this good old moon again. Really, though, every word is an excuse to go back to the sticky chorus again.

It’s a song that creates a feeling, an atmosphere. Something to have at the family reunion or while cooking. Either way, it’s going to be fine, of course.


Because we are just have a wonderful Christmas time!



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