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August 31, 2022

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Biography: Aldasouqi is a professor of medicine and head of the division of endocrinology at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in East Lansing.

Disclosures: Aldasouqi reports that he is a consultant for Abbott Diagnostics.

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“I can’t believe it’s the end of August! said one of our comrades as we prepared to start the afternoon clinic, commenting on how quickly time flies.

Shortly after, one of our nurse practitioners wanted to discuss a patient with a complex case of diabetes and complications. As we were discussing the patient’s case, I asked, “Why is she coming so early? I just saw her recently. And by “recently”, I meant a few weeks or so.


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“Oh, no, she’s coming for her routine quarterly visit to the clinic. You saw her in early June,” she added.

I was shocked!

Saleh Aldasouqi

And I said, “When you get old, you start hating time, and clocks, and watches. Time begins to run faster and faster. And over the days and months, it seems to age more and more!

So, back to the “End of August”.

Many people think of the end of August as the end of the good times of summer: vacations, trips, fun gatherings. Stories were written and songs were sung about summer. People of my generation will remember “Summer Nights” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from the movie Grease and “Our Last Summer” from ABBA.

The End of August is a famous song by Yanni. You can listen to it here.

As some of my readers know, I’m a huge fan of Yanni. I have written several posts about Yanni in this blog, including the inaugural post in November 2016.

The musical flow of this song is so fun, so soothing and so heartwarming, at least in my opinion. I realize that musical tastes are individual and that different people like different types and genres of music.

I’m not picky and appreciate any good piece of music or song. Maybe I’m still old school, remembering the songs of legendary 70s and 80s pop bands like ABBA and the Bee Gees. Perhaps there are also generational gaps when it comes to musical tastes and preferences. But to be honest, and while I don’t deny the great talents of newer singers and musicians in various genres, there may have been some things that were very specific to 70s and 80s music that have gone missing. for all time.

For example, legendary bands at the level of the Swedish ABBAs and the British/Australian Bee Gees no longer exist, in my opinion. There is something special about these performances. Interestingly, both of these groups had special cultural/entertainment histories which furthered the spread of their fame globally. For example, the members of ABBA were two married couples, and the band abbreviation represented their first names. The Bee Gees were three brothers, and the name “Bee Gees” means the “Gibb brothers”. Moreover, the songs of the two groups made famous movies, “Mamma Mia” and “Saturday Night Fever”, respectively.

Interestingly, from a medical standpoint, the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” rhythm was somehow introjected into the act of CPR.

It’s true that I’m an old college kid, but I also appreciate modern musical talent in various genres, although I’m not a particular fan of any performer. But my history with Yanni’s music was so special and so memorable, as I detailed in the inaugural blog post above, when I discovered his music over 20 years ago:

“I heard about Yanni in 2002 when I was a locum at Tawam Hospital in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. The work was quite busy, because all the other endocrinologists were on vacation, so I had to see their patients in the clinic and in the hospital. At that time, I was completing the analysis and writing the manuscript for a large study we had conducted on gestational diabetes at the King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. So after work, I spent time at the hospital residence working on the study. When I needed a break, I took the bus downtown and spent time in its cozy mall. It was then that I spotted a Yanni CD. I had never heard of him before. I bought the CD, went home and put it in my laptop while working on the study. From that day on, I was addicted to his great sound — soothing and international.”

I feel like Yanni’s song “The End of August” takes me on a surreal journey, back in time, to many beautiful summertimes in the past.

But at the same time, I feel sad, that the end of August is another reminder that time flies!


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