Bonds unveils ‘total package’ via special offer


A sushi chef, expert fisherman, property adviser and former AFL coach Kevin Sheedy are among five industry experts recruited to explain and espouse the benefits of ‘protecting your assets’, ‘maintaining your equipment” and “winning the ball game”. ‘ in a new campaign for Bonds Total Package™.

Created by Special, the campaign launches Bonds latest breakthrough innovation in men’s underwear, Bonds Total Package™. With its unique Total Support Pouch™ technology, Bonds has created an underwear offering that separates and supports, taking comfort to a whole new level and cementing Bonds’ position as a leader in comfort and innovation.

The campaign is based on the idea that Australian guys put their balls to the test a lot.

“Sitting, digging, lifting, crushing, bending, tapping… we put our balls to the test every day. With the majority of guys just disengaged with their underwear, we had to find a new way to cut. said Nathan Rogers, director of strategy at Special.

Using tongue-in-cheek innuendos, woven through monologues about their specific expertise, the 5 industry experts talk about the innovation in their pants in a humorous and relatable way.

“The Bonds Total Package™’s innovative pocket pouch separates and supports, but it’s obviously a bit difficult to show that on camera. So we had to find a way to explain how this new innovation works, without actually showing it. said Lea Egan, Creative Director at Special.

Bonds Marketing Manager, Kedda Ghazarian, added, “Bonds new Total Package™ is the next generation of men’s underwear with design innovation that supports its parts like never before. We hope our cheeky campaign will resonate with men across Australia and help them understand the comfort that awaits them.”

Like a bento box for their three-piece sushi, the tidy campaign is backed by OLV, social, OOH and podcast integration.



Marketing Director: Kelly McBride

Marketing Manager : Kedda Ghazarian

Brand Manager: Edwina Moller


CEO/Partners: Lindsey Evans and Cade Heyde

CCO/Partners: Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber

Strategy lead/partner: Rebecca Stambanis

Strategy Director: Nathan Rogers

Strategist: Jack Gilbert

Creative Directors: Sian Binder & Lea Egan

Creations: Simon Dalla Pozza and Lewis Aramayo

Design Director: Keir Vaughan

Designate: bella plush

Leader: Georgia Newton

Entrepreneur: michelle bralin

Entrepreneur: Phoebe Peralta and Timmi Tsapaliaris

Main producer: Sophie Simon

Photo producer: Emily Willis


Director: Ariel Martin

Production company: Airbag

Executive producer: Alex Tizzard

Executive producer: Martin box

Producer: Christine Tan / Fiona Pakes

PDO: Tim Tregon

Offline editor: Charles Ivory

Note/Online: Ben Eagleton

Post production – White chocolate

Pictures: Daphne Nguyen – B&A

Editing: Visual Thing – Ashley Peat

House of sound: To scold

Sound engineer: Cam Milne

His EP: Michale Gié


Media Agency: WCO

Entrepreneur: Laura Nathan

Strategist: Wall Susie

Account director : Camille Wallace

Account Manager: Michel Gregoire

Executive account: Amy Hallinan

Sales manager : Tilly Johnston

Trader: Spencer Egan Tanner

Activation Account Manager: Lisa Lee


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