Carrie Fisher Helped Sean Lennon ‘Navigate Through The Celebrities’


Before being killed by a deranged fan outside his New York home, John Lennon thought of his son Sean. His last words to his wife, Yoko Ono, were, “Let’s go home because I want to see Sean before he falls asleep. Sean was only 5 years old when his father was shot by Mark David Chapman in 1980. He had his mother and older half-brother Julian, but there was still a hole in his life where his father was.

Being the son of John Lennon is not easy. As a child, you don’t understand fame and why everyone wants to be your friend. Fortunately, Sean became friends with Carrie Fisher, who was celebrity royalty like him. She took him under her wing, and they started a beautiful friendship.

Carrie Fisher, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon | Charles Eshelman / Getty Images

Sean Lennon met Carrie Fisher through Paul Simon’s son Harper Simon

Sean occasionally ran into Fisher at parties and various events as a child, but they didn’t officially meet until Sean was in his twenties. They met through Fisher’s (Paul Simon’s son) stepson Harper. According to Vanity Fair, Fisher invited Sean to live in his guesthouse, and he did so for months whenever he was in his neck of the woods. During his stays with Fisher, Sean says they had some pretty magical times. Fisher became Sean’s mentor and they wrote a great song together.

Carrie Fisher and Sean have bonded about being celebrities

Speaking about Fisher at Vanity Fair, Sean “remembers a mentor who had within her the capacity for a deep, personal connection. He was someone who understood the careful balance of the Hollywood kid’s life, always ready to make a joke like this, Lennon’s favorite: “Resentment is like swallowing poison and expect the other person to die. For Lennon, his influence is indelible.

Sean says he and Fisher have bonded about being celebrities. Fisher was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Sean is the only son of John and Yoko. “She grew up as Hollywood royalty, and I kind of grew up as rock and roll royalty,” Sean said. “And we’re definitely connected at that level, having parents who are just larger than life and trying to find your way and navigate the minefield of innate stardom – or being born into stardom – and live under it.” the kind of microscope of that in public. She kind of helped me navigate this more than anyone in the world I would say. “

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“She was a lot to me,” he continued. “She was like a sister and a best friend, but also like a mother and a teacher.” Vanity Fair concluded: “Most of all, he remembered someone who, no matter what time of night, whether in words or in song, always knew what to say.”

Carrie Fisher and Sean Lennon wrote “Bird Song”

During one of Sean’s stays at Casa Fisher in 2006, Sean started writing a piano song in the early hours of the morning. Out of nowhere, Fisher came over and started singing random lyrics to Sean’s tune.

“Love comes to the cat’s feet; he turns around the corner… ”Sean remembers. The lyrics continued with, “Everything is so bad. To greet the dawn. The birds sing this horrible song. “You don’t belong here! “

“It was so late that the birds started singing,” Sean said of writing “Bird Song” with Fisher. “And you know that kind of guilt feeling when you’ve been up all night, and wish it was sooner, but the sun is coming up?” You start to hear the birds… Usually you associate the songs of the birds with something positive. But it looked like the birds were berating us.

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Writing the song was a great moment. To commemorate their friendship, Sean then recorded “Bird Song” with Willow Smith after Fisher died in 2016. anyway, ”Sean said. “Really, it was like a personal way to mourn the loss, because she was one of the closest friends I’ve ever had… I was in a really sad place missing Carrie, and I wanted to just play the song. “

Sean said Fisher was one of the most talented lyricists he has ever known. Beyond his talents as a lyricist, however, Fisher had an even greater talent for friendship. She took Sean under her wing and he immortalized her in “Bird Song”.


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