Celebrating a Milestone for the YMCA of Scarborough


Friday, June 10, 2022 06:00 a.m.

By Matthew Pells

The Scarborough YMCA celebrates its 175th anniversary today.

The group was one of the founding YMCAs which opened in 1846.

Anniversary celebrations have been delayed for a year due to COVID, Liam Downey of the Scarborough branch says it’s a fantastic milestone.

The YMCA Scarborough is a registered charity, run by local people, which focuses on providing support and opportunities for young people and the wider community.

The YMCA says it aims to provide opportunities for all young people, whether they are facing difficult and challenging issues or simply looking for something to do.

“We use our dance and fitness studios, meeting room, gym and 290-seat theater to offer a unique range of activities including sports, youth club, musical theater (we mount each year a number of high quality productions – recent examples include Jesus Christ Superstar, Our House, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and Guys and Dolls), Arts Award, Volunteering and our own YMCA group.We are the permanent home base of the Rowlies Academy of Dance and the Yorkshire Coast School of Ballet.

YMCA’s Liam Downey says COVID meant they couldn’t celebrate the 175th anniversary last year, but they intend to make up for it today.

YMCA Scarborough does not receive money from national YMCAs, their services are funded by local people for local people. The groups are appealing for funds as part of its 175th anniversary at ymcascarborough.uk/donate


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