Compass Concierge helps increase the value of your home


True story: Recently, a homeowner was offered $595,000 for his home by national online service iBuyer. They promised less hassle, no visits, no waiting or worrying. The owner opted instead to list his home with an agent, and after just four visits, the agent fulfilled a contract for $694,000, which was $100,000 more than iBuyer had offered.

Would you show your house four times to earn an extra $100,000?
Often a homeowner will choose to use an iBuyer service so that they can sell their home “as is”. Owners may not have cash for necessary repairs or updates before the sale. This is where Toni Hedstrom, PA and Compass come into play.
Compass Concierge lets you tap into the equity in your home with an interest-free loan that you pay back at closing. Invest a little upfront with interest-free cash to get a much bigger return on the sale of your home.

Here are examples of how cash can be used to increase the value of your home or make your moving experience simple and stress-free:
· Paint
· Staging
Replace devices
Update light fixtures
Replace counters
· Replace flooring
Update landscaping
Decluttering service
Professional cleaning
HVAC Replacement
Window replacement
Pay the movers
Move materials
· Garbage collection
Pay for a storage unit
Down payment for an assisted living facility or a retirement home
short-term accommodation
· Dog walkers during visits
Post inspection repairs
Replace buttons and hardware
Replace faucets and showerheads
Deep clean carpets
Replace the roof
Resurfacing the pool
Repair or replace pool equipment

The options are endless as the money can be used for any purchase that supports the sale!
Use any provider you choose and use one of three methods to pay them: Concierge Capital Debit Card, check payment sent directly to the provider, or withdrawal to your bank account to pay the provider in cash, Venmo, PayPal , etc.

For more information, call Toni Hedstrom at 813-830-8664, or email .


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