Dave Grohl explains how writing a book is similar to making an album


Dave Grohl explained in a new interview how to write his memoir, The storyteller: Tales of life and music, was similar to making an album.

Talk to The New York Times, Grohl said, “When you make a record, you have a collection of songs. You start recording. You start to hear the tone of the album, then it comes down to finding the perfect sequence from start to finish. This is what happened while I was writing these stories: I started to realize which was the first song, which was the last song, which was the A side, which was the B side, what j needed, what I didn’t have, what I had too much.

Grohl had a lot of stories / songs for The narrator, and it looks like he had to make a number of cuts in order to keep the book at a respectable length.

He said, “I wrote 350 pages and hadn’t even mentioned the Foo Fighters, a band I’ve been in for 26 years. When you’re making a huge pot of chili, you can sit around pouring spices in it all day. But at some point, you just have to stop and let it simmer.

So writing a book is like making an album and a pot of chili. From the sound, Grohl could potentially spice up his fans… I mean… another book in the future.

As stated previously, The narrator overcome The New York Times bestseller lists for hardcover non-fiction and combined print and electronic non-fiction. Grohl managed to beat stiff competition from Stanley Tucci with his memoir Taste: My life through food and the book by former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham I’ll answer your questions now: what I saw in the Trump White House.

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