Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’: Noah ’40’ Shebib speaks to R, Kelly Credit on ‘TSU’


In reaction to a Independent Headline of the news posted by Ravyn Wngz, which prompted subscribers to share their thoughts, 40 responded with a statement via her verified Instagram account.

“On a song called tsu at the beginning, there is a sample of OG Ron c talking,” he wrote in the comments. “Behind that faint voice that you can’t even hear is a Kelly song playing in the background. It has no meaning, no lyrics are present, Kelly’s voice is not even present, but if we wanted to use Ron c to talk, we were forced to allow it. “

40 added, “It doesn’t suit me just let me say this. And I’m not here to defend Drakes’ words, but thought I would clarify that there is no present r Kelly and it’s a little misleading to call him a co-lyricist. It’s kinda wild because I was just reading Kathy Iandoli’s “Baby Girl” and the accounts of some of this stuff are horrible and disgusting. Then, I saw this post and just had to say something because to think that we would be standing next to this guy or writing with him is just unbelievably disgusting. “

It is well known that Kelly is currently on trial, with a number of her alleged victims giving shocking testimony about alleged sexual and emotional abuse they allegedly suffered from the singer; Kelly has repeatedly denied all of the allegations.

Continuing the conversation about the instrumental part of Kelly’s song included in “TSU,” 40 left another comment on Instagram that read, “I don’t even think we knew that until the last hours when we found out. through permission. At this point it’s about the integrity of the art for the artist and it’s not for me to play with that. I’m an engineer ultimately my job is to help an artist deliver their vision. There are a lot of things that I disagree with and voice my opinion but I definitely don’t agree with all the lyrics. I worry about the sound and melodies and sound progressions, this is my place. “

“Most likely his publisher got paid and I guess a lot of those assets are already misappropriated, to be clear as well, the value of that for him won’t cover his lawyer for a week lol! This song has multiple samples. and tbh i don’t think there is much to do there, “he wrote.

When someone left a comment asking why Drake’s team hadn’t just re-recorded that part of “TSU,” 40 replied, “The timing and integrity of the original song. would have taken that option if we could. “

Read her comments in the Instagram post.


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