Drivers line up to save at discount petrol stations as prices soar


It’s getting harder and harder to get the basic necessities every day, so what are you doing to cut costs?

On Monday, gasoline prices climbed again, hitting $2.07 a liter at most gas stations in Saskatchewan.

But you won’t pay that price at all stations in the province. An independent discount station in Regina was selling a liter of gasoline for about $1.87 Tuesday morning.

Robyn Lang had just left her night job at around 5.30am and was shocked to see the price so high.

She summed it up simply.

“That’s crazy,” she said.

Even the lowest price seemed far too high to him.

“I’m not even sure of the price of petrol at a normal station anymore. I haven’t been there for months. This is where I come to get gas practically every week,” she said.

With her working hours, she is fortunately able to arrive early and avoid the crowds, as the queue can sometimes be several cars long.

“At night and in the afternoon, the number of people here is crazy. That’s why I try to get here right after work in the morning,” Lang said.

When it comes to keeping life affordable, it can be difficult for her to find ways to cut costs.

“You can’t do much. I commute quite a long way to work, so that’s kind of what it is for me. I try to save that way, and that’s about all I can do,” she said.

One man said he didn’t mind getting up early or waiting in line to get the discount of about 20 cents.

“Why not? Money is tight right now. Prices are going up at the grocery store (and) at the pump. (You have to) try to save wherever you can,” he said.

Orenda Pelzer stopped early in the morning. An overflowing queue on the street is not something she would normally be happy to deal with.

“I wouldn’t stand in line that long for that, but at 5 a.m. when I’m already awake, of course,” she said.

She also explained how she adapts to reduce costs.

“We are definitely trying to ride a little less. (We are) even thinking about using our car more than our SUV to go to the lake and take a long road trip: “Backpacks only, kids.” We are all going to sneak in,” she said with a laugh.

Gasoline price analyst Dan McTeague said in an email Tuesday that $2.07 a liter is the highest gasoline price ever in Saskatchewan. He expects him to climb even further.

Record Gas Prices Mean Tough Decisions

Some people decide to leave their car keys at home.

“My truck is parked, just because of the price of gas,” Glenn Pelletier said as he waited for the bus. “(I use a) bus pass, otherwise I cycle or walk. At least I exercise.

Pelletier says it was an easy decision to make.

“I couldn’t afford it anymore,” he said. “(Gasoline prices) are really breaking some people.”

Many people said they found themselves limiting their driving habits as much as possible, even though it sometimes made their lives more difficult.

Despite the skyrocketing cost, some people believe there is a silver lining.

The warmer weather made it easier to walk or wait outside for the bus, Darryl Cashbottom said.

“I’ve been on the bus for a while,” he said, playing with change in his hand that he intended to use on his next ticket. “Gas prices are just crazy right now.

“As long as they keep going up, I’ll keep taking the bus.”

– With Logan Stein files from 980 CJME


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