EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Lord kicked out of Harrods over paint-splattered jacket and jeans


The ancestral seat of his family is the magnificent Badminton House, situated on 52,000 acres in Gloucestershire. Her older brother is the Duke of Beaufort and her first cousins ​​include the Marquess of Bath.

So Lord John Somerset – known to pals as Johnson – might reasonably expect a cordial, if not deferential, welcome at Harrods, “the world’s premier luxury department store”, as he proudly presents himself.

But not a bit: In extraordinary scenes, the 57-year-old was almost “frogwalked” by security guards – an indignity for anyone, but perhaps particularly traumatic for a member of the aristocracy, even in today’s studiously egalitarian society.

The incident caught the attention of writer and maritime heir Taki Theodoracopulos, who is godfather to Lord John’s daughter Romy.

Lord John Somerset, 57, was nearly kicked out of Harrods

Lord Somerset, also known as

Lord Somerset, also known as ‘Johnson’, wore jeans and a paint-stained jacket in the luxury department store

Lord John was married to Lady Cosima Vane-Tempest-Stewart, a confidante of Princess Diana.

Taki explains that ‘Johnson’, a music producer who has collaborated with Bryan Ferry among others, wore jeans and a paint-stained jacket.

Despite looking decidedly depressed, the slightly disheveled aristocrat (pictured left, much smarter) made his way to the fifth floor – the home of Harrods’ technology department.

“He was waiting to pay for a £500 loudspeaker,” adds Taki, “when he was approached by two heavyweights from the store.”

Harrods department store has been open since 1849

Harrods department store has been open since 1849

The nobleman then found himself under escort and descended five flights of stairs at some speed, then was ejected from the building but not before he asked why – and was told it was because he was “dressed inappropriately”.

It may be a consolation that he at least got into the store before he got out.

It’s better than Australian pop singer and former Neighbors star Jason Donovan who was refused entry 30 years ago for wearing ripped jeans.

And Luke Goss – a member of the 80s Bros band – was refused entry by a doorman at Harrods who, by reputation, did not recognize him.

Jagger’s daughters are fashionable pals

Sir Mick’s girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, may not yet be Lady Jagger, but she has developed a close relationship with some of his children.

Sir Mick's girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick

Sir Mick’s girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick

The 35-year-old American ballerina showed her support for her jewelry designer daughter Jade, who is 15 years her senior, by attending the launch of her first fashion collection with Annie’s Ibiza boutique in Carnaby Street, London. Jade, left, whose mother is Sir Mick’s ex-wife Bianca, has three grandchildren. This makes Deveraux, Mel’s son with the 78-year-old Rolling Stones singer, a great-uncle at the age of five.

Few people know that. . . Sir Michael Caine has finally sold his sprawling Surrey mansion. The 89-year-old Hollywood star has managed to secure £3.5million for the seven-bedroom home near Leatherhead after slashing the price by £250,000 last year. The two-time Oscar winner bought the property – complete with indoor pool, hot tub, gym and cinema – for £1million 22 years ago. He and his wife Shakira have downsized.

Binky hangs out for the wedding Pt2

Planning a wedding can be nerve-wracking, and Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead has found a complicated way to unwind.

The mother-of-two exchanged vows with businessman Max Darnton, 32, in a civil ceremony at Chelsea’s Old Town Hall last year, but is planning a second spectacular celebration soon in Greece.

Binky hangs out for the wedding Pt2

Binky hangs out for the wedding Pt2

“It’s all very exciting and a bit stressful so I decided to hang out here,” she says, referring to a Pilates session at a London studio, in which Binky, 32, was photographed in doing handstands with her. feet attached to a trapeze. “It was the most beautiful stretch ever.”

Life has been worrying for her recently – her one-year-old son Wolfie was rushed to hospital last week after hummus caused a severe allergic reaction.

Boris Johnson may be on the ropes, but Sir Keir Starmer cannot speak for the nation, according to Oscar-winning former Labor MP Glenda Jackson. “I have to be completely honest, I just wish Keir would find someone to help him develop that voice,” she said at an In Conversation event, discussing her career, at the BFI. on the South Bank of London. Jackson, 86, adds, “One of his biggest flaws is that voice.” Come on, Glenda, name her other “cons.” . .

A few days after Prince Charles was lambasted for accepting bags of money from a Qatari sheikh, I heard he had private talks with the third richest man in the world.

I can divulge the heir to the throne entertained Bernard Arnault, boss of French luxury giant Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton – and his son, Antoine, who married Russian model Natalia Vodianova in 2020 – at his Highgrove home on Monday. A Clarence House source said: ‘The meeting was part of Her Royal Highness’ Sustainable Markets initiative. . . to bring together the champagne industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

But did Arnault bring a present?

Anita says her legs are still some kind of magic

Queen guitarist Brian May’s wife, Anita Dobson, caused a stir when she wore this mini dress to a red carpet event last month.

Nasty critics claimed she was too old to show her legs at the age of 73. The former EastEnders star tells me, “My legs are still there. I don’t really listen to what the reviews say – you have to be strong enough to wear what fits.

Queen guitarist Brian May's wife, Anita Dobson

Queen guitarist Brian May’s wife, Anita Dobson

Speaking at the National Film Awards in London, where she won the Lifetime Achievement award, she added: “If you feel happy and comfortable, that’s it.”

“There will always be someone who loves you and someone who hits you for it.”


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