Eggo’s first vegan waffle has arrived. And it comes with meatless chicken.


Kellogg’s is unleashing animal products in its Eggos with a new vegan waffle on the horizon, a first for the brand. And it’s not just any waffle, but a Belgian Liège waffle sandwich stuffed with vegan chicken.


MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Plant-Based Chicken & Egg Waffle Sandwich will be rolling out to select retailers this year. Each 9.3-ounce box includes two sandwiches and will have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $8.49.

“The collaboration is a heavenly marriage and a win-win situation for everyone,” Joe Beauprez, Eggo’s chief marketing officer, told VegNews.

“With chicken and waffles already known and loved by waffle lovers, we’ve partnered with MorningStar Farms to bring a veggie twist to this classic dish on tables this year,” says Beauprez.

Eggo’s first vegan waffle

Eggo first dabbled in vegan chicken and waffles last year when parent company Kellogg paired a non-vegan buttermilk waffle with vegan chicken from Incogmeato, a subsidiary of Kellogg’s MorningStar Farms brand. .


The meatless chicken and waffles were only available through a giveaway on National Waffle Day (August 24). Although this product was made in very limited quantities, it attracted a lot of attention, some from people who were disappointed that it was not an all-herbal offering.

The new sandwich gives vegans something to cheer about and offers consumers a fun way to eat eggs for occasions outside of breakfast.

“Waffle lovers went wild for our Eggo x MorningStar Farms Incogmeato collaboration last year, so we knew we wanted to be able to bring the perfect pairing to even more people this year,” says Beauprez. “That meant creating our very first vegan waffle, to give any waffle lover the opportunity to taste our new sandwich.”

To create its first vegan waffle, Eggo replaced eggs with a vegan egg made from soy flour and wheat gluten. The company opted for a Liège-style waffle, a heartier variety that resists the sandwich format, sweetened with traditional pearl sugar that gives it extra texture.


“With our new Eggo Grab & Go Waffles à la Liège, the waffles are a little thicker and more robust, which makes it a perfect bread for this new vegan Chik’n & Waffle sandwich,” says Beauprez. “You can’t go wrong with a combination of Eggo Waffles and Incogmeato Plant-Based Chicken from MorningStar Farms – each style of Eggo brings something different and fun to the table.”

The new Kellogg’s Co.

The launch of Eggo’s first-ever vegan waffle comes after Kellogg’s announced a strategic division of its business into three parts: Global Snacking Co., North America Cereal Co. and Plant Co. The latter allows Kellogg’s to focus on the development of its plant-based brands. , which in addition to MorningStar and Incogmeato spinoffs include Gardenburger.

VegNews.IncogmeatoSausages2MorningStar Farms

Currently, its Plant Co. business generates annual net sales of approximately $340 million, and Kellogg’s is looking to innovate in this category with more offerings.

In addition to its new vegan chicken sandwich, Kellogg’s MorningStar brand is expanding the Ingomeato portfolio — which already includes a variety of plant-based meat alternatives — with the Plant-Based Hot and Spicy Crispy Chik’n Filet.

“The MorningStar Farms team is constantly working to introduce more plant-based options for growing flexitarian communities,” Danielle Rappoport, Marketing Manager, Plant Protein Category, told VegNews.

“Find innovative and delicious [plant-based] options for beef, chicken, and pork—some of the most popular meats in America—always top our list,” Rappoport says.

Created with game day in mind, this vegan chicken features a spicy, crunchy exterior and a juicy interior. This new product is also heading to retailers this year, in a 12-ounce bag of four fillets for an SRP of $6.79.

VegNews.MorningStarFarmsIncogmeatoMorningStar Farms

“Our wide variety of plant-based options allow people to eat plant-based when and how they want, whether it’s once a week or every day,” Rappoport says. “We will continue to develop our portfolio to ensure that we follow consumer taste preferences.”

So, are there more vegan Eggo waffle varieties on the horizon? “As for the other waffles getting the vegan treatment, you never know,” Beauprez says. “We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and bring Eggo waffles to more people.”

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