Electlemon’s Latest ‘September’ Video Features Earth, Wind, and Fire



It’s September 21! Happy birthday and congratulations to everyone who made it to this day – it’s been a tough year, eh? Lucky for us, comedian Demi Adejuyigbe, better known as Electlemon, is back with his latest video celebrating the occasion, set as always to the funky tune of “September” from Earth, Wind & Fire.

This time around, he’s going for the absolute broke, weaving a wacky storyline about the musical. Fat, performing a gravity-defying dance on the ceiling with a sparkling disco ball and throwing a flashy backyard party before hopping on a hot rod and soaring into the sky. And even after all of that, he’s saving the best for last, filling the credit streak with the group’s own screaming video themselves, which congratulates him on his biggest and final “September” video.

… Wait what?!?!

Yeah, that’s right. This is the last – as he jokingly alluded to at the start of this year’s clip, he’s been doing it for a long time (to the point of feeling compelled to outdo himself every year) and he’s probably running out of inspiration. for this particular gag. We wish him good luck and thank him for his service, as these things have truly brought so much hope and love to the world – especially as each comes with a charitable campaign for worthy causes.

This one is no exception. This time around, Demi is raffling off a painting of the September 21 jersey he displays in the video, with the proceeds going to Imagine Waterworks, West Fund and Sunrise Movement. You can find out more on each respective website or on sept21st.com.

See “9/21/21” above.



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