Electric / Hybrid – Hertz invests in largest electric vehicle rental fleet and names Tom Brady as spokesperson



Plus, Hertz teams up with seven-time Super Bowl champion and entrepreneur Tom brady to show how it makes electric vehicle leasing fast, transparent and more accessible, as the company accelerates its commitment to leading the future of mobility and travel.

“Electric vehicles are now mainstream and we are just starting to see an increase in demand and interest globally,” said Hertz’s interim CEO. Mark fields. “The new Hertz will lead the way as a mobility company, starting with the largest rental fleet of electric vehicles in North America and a commitment to growing our fleet of electric vehicles and providing the best rental and charging experience for leisure and business customers around the world. “

Today, 40% of U.S. consumers say they will likely consider an electric vehicle the next time they hit the market for a new vehicle, according to Pew. Global sales of electric vehicles have climbed 200% in the past year and will likely continue to grow thanks to commitments from global automakers to increase sales of electric vehicles. For example, in August, three US automakers pledged to increase sales of electric vehicles to 40-50% by 2030.

Growth is fueled by the high efficiency of electric vehicles, positive user experience and climate change benefits associated with battery breakthroughs and rapidly expanding charging networks. EV drivers also benefit from reduced maintenance and fuel costs.

From early November until the end of the year, customers will be able to rent a Tesla Model 3 at Hertz Airport and around major US markets and in select cities in Europe.

Hertz also installs thousands of chargers across its location network. Customers who rent a Tesla Model 3 will have access to 3,000 Tesla supercharger stations across the United States and Europe.

Hertz will provide a premium and differentiated rental experience for Tesla electric vehicles. This includes digitized guidance for educating customers about the electric vehicle to get them on the right track quickly, and soon, a fast-track electric vehicle rental reservation process through the Hertz mobile app.

With the current order, electric vehicles will represent over 20% of Hertz’s global fleet and are expected to be supported by a combination of Level 2 and DC fast charging in around 65 markets by the end of 2022 and over. 100 markets by the end of 2023. Hertz said those ambitions could be affected by factors beyond Hertz’s control, such as semiconductor chip shortages or other constraints.

“Hertz, let’s go! ” with Tom brady

To showcase its leadership in electric vehicle rental, Hertz partners with seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom brady for a new “Hertz, Let’s Go!” campaign.

Two new commercials – “Plugged In” and “Speed” – starting today show Brady renting, charging and using an EV at a Hertz airport. The spots use Brady’s humor and signature “Let’s Go” match day rallying cry to underscore Hertz’s reputation for excellence, speed and ease throughout the travel experience.

“Hertz is a game-changer when it comes to the future of mobility and has touched me time and time again,” said Tom brady. “Although the company has been around for over 100 years, their constant evolution, especially now, is something it’s amazing to be a part of. I’ve been driving an EV for years and know Hertz is leading the way with their electric fleet. talks about how the world is changing and how businesses are approaching the environment and social awareness. I have always loved the ease and convenience of Hertz when I travel to my favorite places like new York, LA and Tampa and I can’t wait to see what they continue to have in store for us. “

The new Hertz
Hertz combines its brand strength and global expertise in fleet management with new technologies and innovations to chart a dynamic new course for travel, mobility and the automotive industry. The company’s commitment to become an essential part of the modern mobility ecosystem includes Hertz leading in electrification, shared mobility and a first digital customer experience.

Today’s investment in electric vehicles builds on Hertz’s pioneering work in leasing operations over the past decade. Hertz was the first car rental company in the United States to introduce electric vehicles to its rental fleet in 2011 and the first to implement a wireless charging system for electric vehicles. The company is also the exclusive car rental member of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance, a consortium of companies focused on accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.



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