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Kris Jenner Took a Lie Detector Test and the Results Are Interesting

Imagine hooking up your mom to a lie detector and asking her who her favorite child is? That’s exactly what Kylie Jenner did. I mean, it didn’t come out of nowhere — they were on James Cordon’s show — and more questions were asked, like if Kris had a hand in leaking Kim’s sex tape. Considering Kris may have accidentally revealed Kylie’s son’s name, I can understand the desire to get to the bottom of this. READ MORE

Kourtney also talks about eating poo????

Meanwhile, the other Kardashians — completely on purpose and without being hooked up to polygraphs — keep admitting they would eat poop. Kim has doubled down, and now Kourtney is joining the poo train. It’s an interesting time for Kourtney to talk about eating poop after she just stepped out a gummy vitamin company. I’m going to need to see that ingredient list, stat. READ MORE


Since the Queen’s death, many unprecedented changes have taken place within the British Royal Family. As new details emerge, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest, so you can keep your group chats up to date.

Prince Harry pays tribute to his ‘grandmother’ with this heartfelt statement

It’s unclear who will look after the Queen’s corgis

William, Harry, Kate and Meghan reunited to mourn the Queen

King Charles delivers his first public address after his ascension

Amélie Zilber lives more in the moment and less on the Internet

More than 7 million people follow Cultivated actor Amélie Zilber on TikTok. As she shares the kind of content that skyrockets creators to fame — #GRWM’ fit videos, lip-syncing with her boyfriend, and photo booth bloopers — she’s also drawing attention to important global issues. Between posting fashion and beauty content, Zilber speaks openly about white supremacy, abortion rights, and political politics. We chatted with her about work-life balance, relationship boundaries, and the craziest TikTok wellness trends she’s tried. READ MORE

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Persists despite my brain’s best efforts

There are many cinematic universes available today that you can get lost in – Marvel, star wars, Mama Mia!, Florence Poug – make your choice. But none are as breathtaking as the musical high school universe, which turned into High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (or HSMTMTS, for “short”). But, in progress 30 Rock-esque jokes aside, we get a fourth musical high school movie, and it looks like our favorite Wildcats are coming back. READ MORE


Vanessa Hudgens looks back on her creepy side

Betty Gilpin has a few words about boobs

The Best Lingerie Under $35 That Looks and Feels Luxurious


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