Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstone’s new solo album ‘Deeper than My Roots’ is out today

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Long duration Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstonefirst new solo album in almost 50 years, Deeper than my rootsgot its release today.

Coinciding with the album’s arrival, Johnstone created a music video for the first track, “Go Easy on My Heart”, a melodic ballad which, like most songs on Deeper than my rootsis sung by Davey’s youngest son, Elliot.

The clip features Davey, Elliot and the old Paul McCartney and the Wings drummer Denny Seiwell play the melody in what appears to be a rehearsal room.

As previously reported, Davey recorded Deeper than my roots while Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour was forced off the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to his son Elliot, a number of other Davey children have contributed to the project. His son Charly recorded many basic tracks at his California home and contributed keyboard and backing vocals, and his son Jesse played drums on some songs. Additionally, Davey collaborated with his eldest son Tom and Jesse to write, record and produce the two instrumental tracks that feature on the album, “Black Scotland” and “Walt Dizney”, while his daughter Juliet designed and designed the cover.

Meanwhile, Seiwell is featured on three tracks, while Davey’s longtime bandmate Elton John Nigel Olson play the drums on Deeper than my roots‘ first single, the melancholy “Melting Snow”.

Deeper than my roots also contains a pair of bonus tracks, including a cover of The Beatles‘ “Here and everywhere.”

Davey’s only other solo album, Smiling facewas released in 1973. You can order Deeper than my roots on CD now on CherryRed.co.uk and Amazon, while the disc is also available via digital formats.

Here is the Deeper than my roots complete list of tracks:

“Take it easy on my heart”
“A Look in the Eye”
“My love”
“Walt Dizney”
“Melting snow”
“You lied to me”
“Boxer in the Corner”
“Black Scotland”
“The Last Quarter”

Bonus tracks
“Here and everywhere”
“All the Time in the World”

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