Everything Kirby Smart said after Georgia’s 30-13 win over Kentucky


ATHENS, Georgia. –Georgia entered the winning column for the seventh time on Saturday and, in the process, became the SEC’s only undefeated team. The Bulldogs handed Kentucky No.11 their first loss by a score of 30-13.

Kirby Smart met with reporters after the game to discuss what happened and what’s next for his team as the week off approaches. Below, Dawgs247 delivers everything Smart had to say in unedited format.

Opening statement …
I’m proud of our guys today. It was a really physical football team that we played. Every time we play them it’s hard. They play hard and tough football. They do a great job, the three phases. They don’t make a lot of mistakes. When you have a team like that, you have to beat them methodically. It’s hard. They have a very good football team. Proud of our guys. I thought the DNA was showing through. Our DNA continues to manifest itself over and over again. The composure, connection, resilience and tenacity. These qualities are reflected in this team. At halftime, no one was panicked, no one was nervous. We said, it’s a physical football game. We will remain aggressive and continue to help them. Give them lots of credit. They have a good football team, but I’m proud of our guys and how so many players stood up and took the opportunity.


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