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Investors need to act quickly and the window is closing fast. An asset-backed social currency, has soared 55% and looks set to continue on that trajectory.

A sleeping giant of DeFi is finally recognized and has propelled the rankings to the top of the gains made by Cosmos (ATOM) and Stellar (XLM). (GLO)

Uniglo makes the rest of the market sluggish. It’s a prime example of the possibilities of digital currency, highlighting the fragility of fiat. Uniglo offers a long-term store of value by exposing investors to a unique mix of assets. GLO’s tokenomics include purchase and sales taxes, smart contracts burn 2% of each transaction, and a portion of those taxes fund asset purchases.

A multi-signature wallet protects assets stored in the Uniglo vault, including small caps to benefit from growth speculation, large caps for long-term price appreciation, stablecoins to protect against volatility and NFT assets. NFT’s assets include tokenized works of art and real estate, two proven stores of value. Uniglo developers have incorporated the best elements of digital currencies and deep-rooted economic fundamentals into this protocol. Uniglo’s long-term vision and protocol mechanics come as no surprise that GLO has made incredible gains, and it seems like a warm-up before GLO inevitably goes parabolic.

Cosmos (ATOM)

The Cosmos network is an internet of blockchains. Designed as a foundational layer for the decentralized future, Cosmos developers introduced the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol allowing the free flow of assets and information between every chain within the Cosmos ecosystem. Currently composed of fourteen distinct blockchains, this ecosystem continues to develop.

However, competition from rival interoperability competitors such as PolkaDot has slowed Cosmos’ growth.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is an open network for storing and transferring money. This layer 1 blockchain specializes in international transfers of value, allowing market participants to send and receive funds worldwide in real time with negligible fees. XLM acts as an intermediate settlement layer between different currencies.

The Stellar network processes millions of transactions daily but, like Cosmos, it faces greater competition from other outstanding projects such as Ripple.

Final Thoughts

Uniglo buys assets at depressed valuation during bear market; when the market reversal occurs, the valuation of the vault will skyrocket. The floor price of GLO is a value backed by the vault, and this rising valuation will send the price of GLO into the stratosphere. The real question is whether early investors will see a 20X or a 50X.

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