Ford Mach-E website error spikes prices



A website error has skyrocketed Ford’s prices for the 2022 Mustang Mach-E. According to our analysis, the prices for the latest version of the brand’s popular new electric SUV are up to $ 132 / month. more expensive than the previous year. However, a Ford spokesperson confirmed that the EV is a much better deal than it looks.

As of at least last Friday, Ford has posted an estimated payment of $ 697 for 36 months, of which $ 4,290 is due upon signing the company’s “lease-like” balloon financing election, called the Ford Option Plan. This equates to an effective cost of $ 816 / month for the cheapest Mach-E, a massive price increase year over year.

Fortunately, Ford spokesperson Beverly Thacker confirmed to us that the Mach-E 2022 does not cost more than $ 800 / month. For reference, the 2021 Mach-E was listed at $ 565 with $ 4,290 at signing, or $ 684 / month. That’s a difference of $ 132 / month, a significant amount from year to year.

Ms Thacker added that the mark “is working to correct it as soon as possible”. Now that the Mach-E has a minimum wait of 20 weeks, with a 28-week wait on GT versions, the brand is asking buyers to place orders for the Mach-E 2022. On the positive side, Ford has kept the price down. Mach-E departure price of $ 43,995 with destination.

A major drawback for current buyers is that Ford has told its dealers that some 2021 model year orders have been delayed to such an extent that it will offer the same discounts on its 2022 vehicle lineup. Alternatively, the brand is offering to those who can’t wait for a $ 2,000 cash incentive on existing inventory. screenshot shown above

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