Fuel-saving tips: Top electric car drivers should choose now to save money on fuel


The cost of filling an average family car with petrol crossed the £100 mark earlier this week. And, with that in mind, motorists might start thinking about going electric. Express.co.uk is now reviewing some of the best electric vehicles UK motorists can buy to save money on fuel while enjoying the driving experience.

Buying an electric car can be quite daunting for many reasons.

First, many motorists are worried about the charging network and the availability of chargers.

Second, the initial cost of purchasing an electric vehicle can be incredibly high.

However, experts from MotorEasy have now offered the biggest deals on electric vehicles.

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Renault Zoe came second on the list having lost £10,000 in value since 2019.

Drivers can now expect to pay just under £16,000 for a used version of the car.

The range of the car is around 250 miles.

Jaguar I Pace

Jaguar I-Pace came third after losing over £20,000 in value.

Despite the drop, however, the car still costs around £42,000.

Although it seems out of reach for most people, buying a used I-Pace will save £20,000.

Smart ForTwo EQ

A used Smart ForTwo EQ can now be had for £14,700.

The car has lost almost 40% of its value since 2019 from the original price of £22,775.

It is a perfect car for city driving with a range of around 60 miles.


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