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Before summer was over and school started, I had one last adventure that healed my inner child this weekend. Of all the summers I went home for school, it seemed like this summer was my favorite. That being said, here’s a recap of how my summer went.

I decided to take on a challenge and do two jobs as a journalist at the same time. Not only did I do an internship at the Pleasanton Express, but I also continued to work with Island Waves at school since this is my last year with them. It was incredibly fun to work for both at the same time and it kept me busy doing what I love to do.

In June, I went to see Five Seconds of Summer live and fell in love with every member of the band on stage. I make it a goal to collect merchandise from each show so that I never forget those concert experiences. The next day I remember spending the day with my family at the zoo and enjoying seeing all the different animals in the exhibits.

Reminiscing about the 5SOS gig, my best friend Annelise Gaitan and I got our first tattoos together around July at Tat Studio in Pleasanton. We’re constantly talking about getting more tattoos, so maybe we’ll have to stop and get another one.

Annelise Gaitan (left) and Gabriella Ruiz.  GABRIELLA RUIZ |  COURTESY PICTURES

Annelise Gaitan (left) and Gabriella Ruiz. GABRIELLA RUIZ | COURTESY PICTURES

In August I took a trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and spent the whole day with my friends from Corpus Christi. I’ve always loved going to Six Flags in the summer and I’m glad I made those memories with them. Finally, it was an unforgettable night to live iParty with Dj Matt Bennett, who stars in Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”.

Annelise and I sang all night long to our favorite songs from Nickelodeon, Disney and popular artists like Harry Styles. Everyone in the room matched each other’s energy singing along to every song that was played during the four hours we were there. We listened to songs from High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Grease, Lemonade Mouth, Justin Bieber, Spongebob, Victorious, One Direction, Ariana Grande and more. According to Hilary Duff, “that’s what dreams are made of”, and iParty was iConic and made all our dreams come true.

Making memories at the iParty with Matt Bennett.

Making memories at the iParty with Matt Bennett.

At the end of the day, I feel like I’m living my best life. I want to thank everyone who has been there for me and supported me in everything I have done in life. It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to school.


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