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NBC’S MANIFESTO COULD JUST BE BACK – Always Captivating by Roger Friedman Showbiz 411 had a mind-blowing exclusivity yesterday – the NBC canceled Manifesto program. To read :

NBC’s “Manifesto” could have a better fate than previously thought.

Fans of the show have been in abject poverty since it was canceled by the network in favor of “Law & Order: For the Defense”.

But as we all know, “For Defense” just didn’t happen. There is no show. In a strange and surprising move for a television network in 2021, “In Defense” was withdrawn due to lack of development. (This is an other story.)

Now insiders tell me that the “Manifest” team has been ordered not to strike the sets. A canceled show would have already been thrown in the trash. But not “Manifesto”. Everything is said in abeyance.

NBC needs to get “Manifest” back and they know it. It was the # 1 show on Netflix and all streaming a month ago. He has a die-hard fan base who want to know what happened to people on that plane. Frankly, it sounds a lot like “Lost” which is a good thing.

Plus, NBC has big problems with “For the Defense” evaporated. There is only a limited amount of “SVU” and “Organized Crime” that can be created and shown to fill on Thursdays. The idea of ​​bringing the “blacklist” to Thursdays is at best a temporary remedy. (“Blacklist” is a famous show that is not watched by anyone.)

So wait, “Manifest” fans. Creator Jeff Rake might know something’s in the works. On July 14, he tweeted, “I’m not giving up. Keep the faith. He repeated it yesterday, ending a Tweet with: “And keep the faith. You are heard. How could you not be?

Crazier things have happened.

As you read here: The third season ended with a series of cliff-hangars which, if you were a fan of the series, completely spellbound you.

After NBC canceled the show; it went to Netflix and for several weeks became their # 1 show. How? ‘Or’ What Netflix I didn’t get the message to continue is beyond me, but I’m sure NBC had the first rights to the show.

The first season was good; season two even better and season three blew everyone away. Of course, it came close to the best moments of Lost, but it is much better. Stay tuned.

And, not to be gluttonous, but can they bring back Debris too much?

From left to right, Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones and Rod Stewart pose for the photographers as they arrive at the Brit Awards 2020 in London on Tuesday February 18, 2020 (Photo by Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP)

FACES REBIRTH– (Via Andy Greene-Rolling stoneSurviving Faces members Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Kenney Jones have reunited to record new songs, according to a new interview with Wood in The Times. The trio have reunited for a handful of brief live appearances in recent years, but there hasn’t been a new Faces album since Ooh La La in 1973. A spokesperson for Stewart did not immediately respond. at the request of the Rolling Stones for comment.

The Faces split in 1975 due to Stewart’s solo success. Guitarist Wood joined the Rolling Stones later that year, drummer Jones replaced Keith Moon in The Who in 1979, keyboardist Ian McLagan became session and solo musician, and founding bassist Ronnie Lane cut the song. 1977 collaborative album Rough Mix with Pete Townshend before he sidelined by multiple sclerosis. Lane died in 1997 and McLagan followed in 2014. [Latter-day Faces bassist Tetsu Yamauchi lives in Japan and has retired from the music industry.]

The classic Faces formation reunited at a Rod Stewart concert at Wembley Stadium in 1986. A handful of brief partial reunions followed until the surviving members, minus Stewart, toured under the name of Faces in 2010 with Mick Hucknall of Simply Red on vocals and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistolets on bass. Stewart was scheduled to track them down when the group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, but had to step down due to illness. Hucknall took his place again.

In 2015, Stewart, Wood, and Jones performed at Stewart’s 70th birthday party and charity event. Last year they performed “Stay With Me” at the end of the Brit Awards. There has been little talk of cutting new music throughout all of this, and details of the recent session have yet to be released.

Elsewhere in the interview with The Times, Wood said the Stones are working on the 40th anniversary edition of Tattoo You. “Me and Mick made nine new songs [for it], “he said. A Rolling Stones rep had no information on the Tattoo You re-release, but the band has been in the studio in recent years to flesh out vintage tunes on sets for Exile on Main Street and others. classic albums of the Stones.

Doug morris

MORRIS GOLDWarner Music Group acquires the assets of 12 tone music, the independent label founded in 2018 by music veteran Doug Morris.

Under this agreement, Morris will continue to actively participate in the day-to-day operations of 12 tone music and its artists.

Most recently distributed by ADA, Warner independent label and artist services branch, 12 tones The catalog and roster include artists such as four-time Grammy winner Anderson Paak from Aftermath, and collective 88 Rising (with global superstar Joji among their roster).

The list and catalog also include Centricity Look Up Child of Christian music superstar Lauren Daigle, revolutionary electronic producer / artist ILLENIUM and music legend Dolly Parton.

The most recent from Anderson Paak, winner of multiple Grammy Awards Aftermath / 12Tone album, Ventura, press number 2 on Billboard R & B / Hip-Hop Albums and became her first Top 5 album on the Display panel 200.

More recently, Paak has partnered with Atlantic Bruno Mars to create their new joint project, Silk Sonic, which reached number 1 on Hot 100 display panel and Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Songs graphics with ‘Leave the door open’. Silk Sonic’s debut album will be released this fall.

Leading Dance / Electronic artist, DJ and producer ILLENIUM, who to date has more than five billion collective streams worldwide, has signed with 12 tones at the beginning of summer 2020, and his first album for the label, Fallen embers, was released last week.

Other 12 tones Among her successes was Lauren Daigle’s breakthrough into mainstream pop with her third studio album, the Grammy-winner Looking for child, who debuted at No.3 on the Display panel 200 and spent 41 weeks at No.1 on the Christian Albums graphic.

In 2020, 12 tones released Dolly Parton A Christmas Holly Dolly, who reached number 1 on Display panel top Country albums and Top Holiday Albums graphics.

Doug Morris said, “After running the Big Three Music Companies, I loved going back to my independent roots by starting 12Tone. I would like to thank Steve Bartels and the 12 tones team to be such a big part of the picture.

“This three-year race has been a lot of fun. I look forward to staying fully engaged with the WMG team, who are excellent professionals. Special thanks to Max – I know the music couldn’t be in better hands.

Morris has been one of the most fascinating people in the music scene for decades.

For those who remember, his involvement with Great tree records; Atlantic; Universal and SONY had a lasting impact. He is also one of the most accessible people in the business. Congratulations Doug!

SHORT SOCKETS – Here are the next shows of Romeo Delight: 7/29 to Heavenly grills in Delaware; 7/31 Sweeney’s in Philadelphia; 8/7 toOpera Mauch Chunk in Philadelphia; and, 9/10 to Havana in New Hope. Check out their site here:… Mott Haven’s director / screenwriter Michael Domino guests on Zach Martin’s Big Fat American Podcast today … Episode 2 of HBO somewhat ridiculous primetime soap opera White lotus and it was more the same as when they were first. Privileged people who do crazy things. Not impressed. But, I’m telling you, watching it made me more ready than ever for Succession return …

Jason Sudeikis

Ted lasso comes back on the 23rd Apple +. Big show ; one of the best you will ever see! …

Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos

And, yesterday, Jeff Bezos launched into space. I can’t tell you how many people would have liked him to stay there. Me? I do not understand at all. The millions spent – and the millions given – could have been used for much better purposes in my opinion. But, Branson and Bezos: Two pees in a pod pretending their pee is bigger! Sad for sure… Happy birthday to Carlos Santana!

NAMES IN THE NEWS – William Schill; Robert Funaro; Tom and Lisa Cuddy; Taylor Course; Dennis Elsas; Deb Caponetta; August Darnell; Alan Vega; Doug Morris; Mark Schulman; Sy Warner; Billy Smith; Glenn Friscia; Ray Caviano; Pete Sanders; the Vaer team; Donnie Kehr; and, ZIGGY!


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