Guess who said ‘who?’ about Who: This week in the Herald Diary


BATHGATE-BORN actor David Tennant is a popular character, especially among Doctor Who fans, who loved his portrayal of the show’s title character.

When Tennant appeared at Wales Comic Con this weekend, the queues to meet him were as long and winding as any road Paul McCartney has ever taken.

Although there was an opponent among the faithful. An old man was spotted at the end of the queue, grim-faced and holding aloft a sign that emphatically stated “He’s not that special!”

Rather awkwardly, the guy holding the sign (hopefully jokingly) was Peter Davison, another former Doctor Who icon… and David Tennant’s stepfather.


WE continue our stories of strange encounters at record stores. Gordon Fisher of Stewarton remembers walking into Listen Records in the 1970s and saying to the assistant, “Excuse me, do you have wings?”

Chewing her gum, leafing through the page of a magazine, and without looking up, she answered: “No, ah, I have goat erms like everyone else.”


OBSERVANT Diary correspondent David Donaldson spotted an unusual car registration in Glasgow’s Crow Road – FA55 BUX

“No prizes for guessing it was on a BMW,” laughs David.


POLITICALLY ENGAGED Newspaper reader Bert Peattie heard of an MP who visited an elementary school in his riding. The guy from Westminster said to the little ‘uns gathered to hear him speak: “Does anyone know who the Prime Minister is?”

“Boris Johnson,” replied the most knowledgeable children.

“Do you know what party he represents? was the member’s next question.

A little fellow raised his hand in the air and, with conviction and authority ringing in his voice, replied, “Is it the Christmas party?”


A DIARY story about puzzled students reminds former math teacher Debbie Meehan of the time her school principal spoke to her while she was teaching a first-grade class.

Although she asked the class to quietly continue their work, there was a lot of chatter.

When the principal left, she scolded the class, saying, “Do you know who that was? »

Being new to school, most of them had only seen him supervising the arrival and departure of school buses.

“I’ll give you a hint,” Debbie said. “His office door says HT.”

A greedy hand pulled in the air.

“Head of transport? said the owner of the greedy hand.

evil fido

“THEY say a dog is man’s best friend,” says reader Maurice Gilbert. “But I don’t even have enemies staring me straight in the eye while puddle all over my carpet.”

voice coach

PET lover Marnie Brown says, “If you have a pet parrot and you don’t teach it to say ‘Help, they turned me into a parrot’, you’re wasting your time.”

Wizard in Oz

BATHGATE-BORN comedian Fern Brady is on tour in Australia. Usually based in England, she has found that friendly Australians are much more accepting of her Scottish character than the people she meets too often in the land of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson.

Fern explains that she loves Oz because wherever she travels, people love her accent rather than saying, “Please keep an eye out for that would-be shoplifter.”


EAGLE-EYED reader David Donaldson spotted a van with the company name written on the side: Green Motion: Car and Van Rentals.

David says: “I guess whoever came up with the name had no hands-on experience with changing a small baby’s diaper…”

beautiful door

WITH a wistful glint in his eye, Ian Noble from Carstairs Village tells us that many years ago the man who lived opposite him was accompanied by his wife to their front door. They were hugging and kissing before he left for work.

“My wife asked me why I didn’t do it,” Ian recalls. “I replied, ‘I hardly know the woman.'”

Talk show

TO prove our thesis that educational institutions would run more efficiently if it weren’t for all those pesky students, the Journal published a series of talks about the evil youngsters who make every teacher’s life a trauma. daily.

A retired kindergarten headmistress told Malcolm Boyd of Milngavie that she once read the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to her class of preschoolers.

The children were clearly captivated by the dramatic narrative involving Snow White wandering, lost and alone, in a forest. Suddenly, a little scholar raised her hand in the air and asked, “Why didn’t Snow White just phone her mama about her mafia?”

icy flight

GINGER-HAIRED warbler Ed Sheeran won a recent copyright lawsuit, after claiming he had taken lines and phrases from other musicians’ work.

Finlay Buchanan from Edinburgh said: “It made me wonder why nobody in the Western Isles took the Rolling Stones to court. Their 60s hit Hey You, Get Offa My Cloud is clearly based on the traditional song Hey McLeod Get Offa My Ewe.

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