Guy Garvey is set to do an Elbow musical


November 30, 2021, 11:22

Guy Garvey in concert with Elbow in 2019.

Photo: DPA picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

The singer thinks the Bury band’s music would fit the scene well – they just need the right plot.

Guy Garvey considered the idea of ​​making a Elbow musical – and he sounds pretty enthusiastic.

The singer has expressed a desire to turn his band’s best-known songs into a stage production, and he’s convinced the material will work in a different medium.

“I’m obsessed with the idea that Elbow’s music – which deals with all the elements of human lifespan – lends itself to a story,” he told The Daily Star.

“I’m sure we could make some kind of a story out of it, and we’ve had a few offers to do an Elbow musical.”

The frontman admitted their songs aren’t made from the same fabric as Grease, but he believes that as long as the plot is there, the band’s impressive catalog – which includes tracks like A day like this, grounds for divorce and The bones of you – could still function as a stage show.

He continued, “You would have to ignore what people think of musicals to do something right with our music.

“Finding a main character based on our songs is maybe a sticking point. It would probably have to be a drama that somehow unfolds around our music.”

Legendary artists like Reine, ABBA, The Kinks, Madness, Green Day and many more have all seen their songs turned into musicals.

Garvey also admitted that the group’s latest album Flying dream 1 would not have been the same without the coronavirus pandemic.

He recently explained, “Our songs lend themselves to the drama of life because they are written about the drama of life.

“And the pandemic has included a lot of drama. It’s a sweet record full of love. The softer side of what we do has always been our favorite thing. This is something that can only happen at this time.

“If we had been on tour instead of being confined to the house I’m sure it would have been a heavy, angry rock record like the one before. “


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