Halloween Peeps for 2021 Includes New Marshmallow Skulls and Pumpkins



Halloween will be here before you know it, and one of the fastest ways to get yourself in the spooky mood is to stock up on themed goodies. Fortunately, Peeps is returning for the holiday season this year with new shapes to choose from, including skulls and pumpkins. After missing out on the marshmallow fun last year, you’ll definitely want to fill your candy bowl with these Halloween Peeps for 2021.

Just Born Quality Confections, the company behind the The empire of friends, announced a big comeback for Halloween candy on September 20, according to an email from the company to Elite – and they’re the perfect additions to your next spooky movie night. Since Just Born skipped Peeps’ annual Halloween 2020 launch due to the pandemic, the brand has taken it to the next level this year. There are two brand new shapes for 2021, Skulls and Pumpkins, to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as get back to your favorites. Classic Halloween Peeps shapes making an epic return this year (with new packaging, to boot!) Include ghosts, monsters, and cats.

You can find the selection of Halloween Peeps at retailers nationwide as they start to roll out. Peeps Skulls, Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Monsters will set you back $ 1 for a three account plan, while a six account plan goes from $ 1.49 to $ 1.79. If you go with Peeps Black Cats, it’ll set you back $ 1 for an account of four and between $ 1.49 and $ 1.79 for an account of eight. To help you decide how you’re going to sweeten up on October 31, here’s a look at the Halloween Peeps collection for 2021:

New Peeps Marshmallow Skulls

These colorful skulls give a sweet touch to classic skulls. The new Peeps shape looks like a Los Muertos Day sugar skull with pink flowers for the eyes and green decorative coloring with a heart at the top.

Courtesy of Peeps

New Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins

This update for the 2021 season features new pumpkin shapes as well as new packaging to celebrate the beloved holiday squash.

Courtesy of Peeps

Peeps Returning Marshmallow Ghosts

The Return of Peeps Marshmallow Ghosts features adorable ghosts with spooky faces, and the packaging has a purple Halloween-ready theme.

Courtesy of Peeps

Peeps Returning Marshmallow Monsters

With more new purple packaging, these monster-shaped Peeps have a serious Frankenstein vibrate for them if you’re all about this “Monster Mash” during the spooky season.

Courtesy of Peeps

Peeps Return Marshmallow Black Cats

Decorate your baked creations or your party table with these Peeps Black Cats, which are of course a symbol of Halloween par excellence.

Courtesy of Peeps

If mauves aren’t your only Halloween favorites, you can also check out Just Born’s other holiday treats: Mike & Ike’s new 100-Count Spooky Variety stand-up bag and the return of Hot Tamales, Mike & Ike. Ike and Goldenberg Peanut Chews Snack Packages. When you go to the store to refuel for the spooky season, be sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most up-to-date health rules.



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