Here are 3 stocks to buy even as the bears roam


For many investors, a redux from the Roaring Twenties is now making unwanted and disturbing noise. It’s a bear!! And the excessive bullishness for many stocks to buy over the past two years has lost that sense of urgency.

But the possibility of bigger losses in Wall Street’s recent and more expensive risk assets may also be less threatening in some pot, crypto and EV games. You cannot squeeze juice from a turnip. Law?

And based on the chart evidence, the following three names may be worth considering as stocks to buy.

Roar!! It’s been a month since investors lost their #[email protected]! and today it starts again. On the one hand, the VIX has risen above the historically too frightening level of 30%.

And prime bull spots over the past two years like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Home deposit (NYSE:High Definition), You’re here (NASDAQ:TSLA) or the S&P 500, which houses these mega-cap influencers, are severely contested.

Blame it on whatever you want. Or like most investors, go ahead and point the finger at overseas escalations between Russia and Ukraine or the specter of rising interest rates aimed at fighting inflation.

  • Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY)
  • MANA by Decentraland (MANA-USD)
  • Lucid Engines (NASDAQ:LCID)

Does it really matter? Or how much? As the following price charts of these pot, crypto and EV stocks to buy attest to, possibly much less than we are led to believe.

Stocks to buy: Tilray

Source: Charts from TradingView

The first of our stocks to buy is pot giant Tilray.

Bottom line, you can’t squeeze the juice out of something that’s been smoked. And North America’s largest cannabis producer certainly fits the bill.

Technically, the monthly chart for this buy stock reveals a sharp 91% decline in the stock since hitting a relative high last February.

But enjoying this other outcome, what hurt TLRY investors on the price chart may soon be a thing of the past.

In January, this buy stock posted its 11th straight quarter of positive EBITDA, sequential sales growth of 20% and net income of $6 million that reversed last year’s $89 million loss. .

And to be sure, it’s a breath of fresh air for this stock to buy.

Technically, with TLRY on the cusp of an oversold bullish stochastic crossover in oversold territory, it’s time to appreciate that there’s still a bull market out there somewhere. And sometimes it’s best to start by looking low.

Decentraland MANA (MANA-USD)

MANA (MANA-USD) weekly pullback pattern after a reaction rally out of a 70% steeper bear market
Source: Charts from TradingView

The next of our stocks to buy is actually the MANA crypto token.

The bearish price action in the crypto market began to manifest long before today’s broader correction in the S&P 500 and other benchmark averages.

And MANA-USD was not immune. The token has crashed more than 70% since its peak in late November.

This type of decline might be enough for some bulls to pull the trigger, but it’s not the only thing MANA has up its sleeve. MANA buyers also receive two growth stories for the price of one.

The fact is that this stock to buy or rather crypto, is also a game metaverse.

In a nutshell, MANA supports Decentraland’s virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Users can buy, sell and develop digital real estate in the metaverse. And it’s quickly becoming big business with plot sales now in the seven figures.

Technically, and following a vicious 70+% bear market, MANA is setting up in a simple pullback formation after a reaction rally tied to its January low.

With the coin testing a Fibonacci band and price support around $2.16-$2.43 this week, watch this “stock” for buying candlestick confirmation and a bullish stochastic crossover.

Stock to buy: Lucid Motors (LCID)

Lucid Motors (LCID) marginal based on Fib and trend breakout offers a promising second try for LCID stock
Source: Charts from TradingView

The last of our stocks to buy is Lucid Motors.

Since the second half of November, shares of the $40 billion luxury EV game have been reduced by more than 55%.

LCID’s bear cycle is less severe than our other buy stocks. Still, that certainly qualifies as mayhem for a large-cap stock of Lucid’s caliber.

And that bear market has now gone too far, figuratively and literally.

I actually discussed LCID stock a week ago after stocks completed a two step Fibonacci based pattern backed by angular price support, the 76% retracement level and a crossover signal oversold bullish stochastic.

This was an all-systems situation in our observation. But broader market concerns this week have turned technical buying into a classic lesson in using stop-loss orders.

However, given the marginal breakout of the pattern and the extremely fearful behavior behind the failure, a powerful and bullish second attempt opportunity could be at hand.

My advice is for investors to be smart and expect a modest equity reload.

Bottom line, if the LCID can return to $27 with a favorable stochastic alignment, skip testing this stock to buy and use an actively managed LCID collar to generate superior risk-adjusted profits.

As of the date of publication, Chris Tyler had (neither directly nor indirectly) any position in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, subject to publishing guidelines.

Chris Tyler is a former ground derivatives market maker on the US and Pacific exchanges. For additional market insights and related thoughts, follow Chris on Twitter @CAT_Options and StockTwits.


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