Horror Movie Starring Shownu, Arin, Minhyuk, Jisoo, Jaehyun, Ju Haknyeon, SeolA, Exy, And More Unveil Strange Poster


The upcoming film “Seoul Ghost Story” (literal translation) has released its spooky main poster!

An omnibus-style horror film with a star-studded lineup, “Seoul Ghost Story” will offer modern reinterpretations of various ghost stories. Set in Seoul, the film will be divided into 10 episodes dealing with different horrors found in familiar places of everyday life.

The cast will include Kim Do Yoon from “Peninsula” and “Hell”, Lee Youngjin from “Memento Mori”, Oh Ryoong from “Pretty Noona who buys me food”, Lee Soo Min from “The guy in me“, Lee Yul Eum of “Nevertheless” and Jung Won Chang from “The Strange Meter”.

The film will also feature idols like MONSTA Xit’s Shownu, Oh my girlit’s Arin, BTOBit’s Minhyuk, THE BOYthis is Ju Haknyeon, giftedit’s Jaehyun, Lovelyzit’s Jisoo, WJSN‘s SeolA and Exy, former member of INFINITE Hoya (Lee Ho Won) and Alexa. Besides Minhyuk and Hoya, “Seoul Ghost Story” will mark the big screen debuts of all these stars.

The newly released poster offers ominous glimpses of the film’s 10 stories, along with their intriguing titles: “The Girl in the Mirror”, “Ghost Marriage”, “A Mannequin”, “The Wall”, “Escape Games”, ” Necromancy, “Tunnel”, “Women in Red”, “Toothworms” and “The Closet”.

“Seoul Ghost Story” hits theaters on April 27.

In the meantime, watch Minhyuk in his drama”number six” with subtitles below!

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