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This year, after a lot of pleading and pleading from fans, Bungie finally saw fit to revise Destiny 2Halloween event, Festival of the Lost. This year, the Festival of the Lost took place from October 12 to November 2 in Destiny 2.

Festival of the Lost is one of Destiny 2 many seasonal events and replaces the Halloween of this world. While there are masks to wear and candy to collect, the main purpose of the celebration is to remember those who have passed away and honor their memory. As such, many decorations combine traditional Halloween and Day of the Dead trimmings. The party is a favorite event among Destiny 2 players, with Festival of the Lost starting in 2015.


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Festival of the Lost 2018 – 2020

destiny 2 festival of the lost haunted sectors

The first one Festival of the Lost actually skipped the first year of Destiny 2 released and resumed in 2018. Destiny grandmother Eva Levante, who normally plays hostess at such events. Instead, Naval Carpenter Amanda Holliday took the reins and tasked the Guardians to search for the murderer of Cryptarch Master Ives. The quest ultimately led players to a then quarantined section of the cosmodrome and rewarded them with the exotic weapon, Thunderlord. Other than that, players were able to collect candy to purchase papier mache masks and the new assault rifle, Horror Story.

Players have also been tasked with entering the Haunted Forest on Mercury. The Haunted Forest was a reimagined version of the Infinite Forest on Mercury, dressed in all manner of delightful Festival of the Lost decorations. There has never been a historical reason for how the Infinite Forest was decorated in this way, so players are left to their own imagination. In all cases, the guards had 15 minutes to get as far as possible into the forest. Completing a path would throw additional mods and tougher enemies on Guardians. Along the way, they would also be pursued by an intimidating and invulnerable Hive Knight.

Year 3 saw Eva Levante’s return as hostess for the 2019 event. Along with her return, the Guardians had a slew of new masks to collect, including exiled Cabal Emperor Calus, the Drifter , Eris Morn, a member of the Scarlet Dungeon-themed Hive, and more. Giving the Horror Story Automatic Rifle a run for its money, another automatic rifle called the Braytech Werewolf has made its debut.

Much as Eververse’s colorful skeletal armor guardians might don, the Braytech Werewolf sported its own skeletal paint job, showing off a unique view of the inner workings painted on the side. Perhaps the most popular addition to the event that year was the return of the Broom Sparrow. Longtime gamers would recognize him on a quest to retrieve the missing broom from the Sweeper Bot in Destiny.

Year 4 is when Festival of the Lost really started to grow long in the tooth. The big question regarding the event was whether it would include the Haunted Forest for a third year, since Mercury was one of the vaulted planets as part of the Beyond Light expansion. Much to the dismay of the players, the Haunted Forest was back. The 2020 festival included classic horror monster armor for the Guardians; with hunters becoming a werewolf, titans becoming Frankenstein’s monster, and warlocks donning dashing vampire clothes. There was also a mummy-inspired ghost, sparrow, and ship with heartwarming lore featuring Osiris and Sagira.

The first three years of the Festival of the Lost revolved around exploring the haunted forest of Mercury. While initially fun, it quickly became a tedious chore, and players expressed their wish that they wanted something different moving forward. Even the vault of the host planet could not prevent the horror of the activity from reappearing year after year. It seemed like the real terror was a lack of variety for the spooky holiday celebration.

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Festival of the Lost 2021

fate 2 festival of the lost ascending lens

For 2021, Eva Levante has returned with a slew of new treats, masks, and rewards to win. Eramis, Ada-1, Taniks, Pyramid Ship and Honkmoon have joined the papier mache family. As well as earning the candy needed to purchase the new masks, there was also a Book of the Forgotten to complete. The book told the stories of this year’s main villains, the Headless. The player’s ghost took a step back this year and Glint stepped in, while his own tutor, Crow, sorted things out after this season’s story.

This year, the Haunted Forest has finally been vaulted and replaced with a brand new event. The new event was the Haunted Areas. Set in three different Lost Sectors on Mars, Nessus, and Europe, players must summon and take down the Headless Ones (mighty Hive Knights with pumpkin heads). If players run out of time or kill 10 mini-bosses before the time runs out, a boss will appear.

It was a pretty generous system and a lot faster to run compared to the Haunted Forest. There were a large number of enemies on the relatively small maps which resulted in a lot of frantic action trying to reach the objective. Best of all, there was an actual story tied to each location with different rumors behind the Headless ones that were linked to the Book of the Forgotten being completed. So now gamers had more reasons than ever to keep shopping. This has allowed players to stay engaged for longer without it necessarily being a chore.

Earlier that year, Bungie held a costume contest with concepts for the upcoming vacation. Choices were between classic monsters like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and a Cyclops versus dinosaur-themed outfits. When the voting was over, the dino team won, and a pulse rifle, Jurassic Green, joined the prehistoric set of Eververse.

Ultimately, Festival of the Lost is always a great time for the Guardians and helps break up the monotony and grinding that otherwise plagues a great game. Bungie doesn’t always get it right and sometimes reuses content more than it does. he shouldn’t. But ultimately, as we have seen this year, they succeed and do something new. So, like the ghouls and nightmares of the event, this history lesson is on hold until a new chapter is ready to be written next year.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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