How to create a low budget Halloween that doesn’t harm the environment


Halloween is here again! Like many of you, I can’t wait to celebrate the spooky season in a fun yet eco-friendly and budget-conscious way. If you’re feeling the same, look no further than these useful and fun ideas that will put you in the scary mood this Halloween!

Here are our top tips for putting together a fabulous Halloween setup, without harming the environment – or your bank account.

Make your own decorations

The best part about the holiday season is decorating your regular space with something that perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the season. If you’re feeling eco-conscious and strapped for cash, consider making your own decorations using items from around the house.

Often an easy choice, you can use a range of items, from old sheets or clothing to reusable bottles and cans to create additional spooky ghosts or pixies for the front yard. You can even take these old holiday decorations and recycle them with a spooky makeover! Better yet, you can use natural items like pine cones and other thrown foliage to create more natural Halloween decorations.

Here’s a TikTok video that will walk you through how to make a spooky pumpkin using crayons and a little heat.


It’s SPOOKY SZN ???? Try this fade ???? DIY for pumpkin decorations this year! #scary season#tiktokpartner#halloweendiy

Scary – Jarlie

And here’s another one that shows you how to use toilet paper rolls to make scary floating candles. Genius!


Floating candles #DIY Tutorial. #candles #Halloween #halloweendecorations #Magic #Happy Halloween

♬ Sallys Song Nightmare Before Christmas Teri Dade – Teri Dade

Create your own Halloween costume

On oldie but a goodie, DIY costumes are the easiest way to have a great Halloween without breaking the bank or adding another unnecessary outfit to your wardrobe.

You can use a plethora of items from around the house to create a costume you’ll love. From old fabrics and clothing to recyclables, don’t be afraid to be creative when making a DIY costume. The more creative, the better!

Here’s a quick TikTok guide that can help get some ideas around.


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes ???? #Halloween #Halloween costume #halloweencostumeideas #taken # outfit ideas #UltaBeautyatTarget

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Horror Movies Marathon

Needless to say, horror films are an annual tradition during All Hallow’s Eve. This is one of the cheapest activities you can participate in, and it is sure to delight anyone celebrating Halloween at home.

Of Scream To Hocus pocus, you can find a range of funny Halloween movies on the streaming services. We’ve even compiled a list of some of the spooky titles available on Netflix this month.

Eco-friendly Halloween treat ideas

Candy is the cornerstone of Halloween! However, this element is one of the most aggressive for the environment and the wallet.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth or a bunch of hungry candy treats at your doorstep, it’s time to take a more manageable approach to your candy needs. There are many ways to do this, from choosing organic non-GMO options to lollipops with less plastic packaging.

However, a simple tip that will also make a fun Halloween-based activity is to make the treats yourself – just let your neighbors know if you are handing them out for treats or treats. If you’ve also been bitten by the decorating bug, you are sure to give your creations that little extra sparkle.

Organic pumpkins

Probably my most beloved Halloween tradition, pumpkin carving is a lot of fun and really adds an extra sparkle to every decoration. However, if you are planning on carving a pumpkin this season, try buying an organic one. They have a much lower carbon footprint and you can even use the leftovers to make delicious pumpkin recipes.

This Halloween, it’s best to avoid those damn games and engage in fun, lasting activities to make sure the holiday season is one to remember.

Do you have your own suggestions? Pop them in the comments below.

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