How to find Gible in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


When it comes to building a powerful team in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, trainers will definitely want to know where they can catch Gible.

In almost every game involving the Sinnoh region, coaches look for the first opportunity to catch Gible. While the little Land Shark isn’t too intimidating on its own, its power level skyrockets as it evolves into Gabite and later Garchomp.

Yes, trainer battles take a back seat in this new game, but there are still some tough battles that will require a Garchomp.

Locations for the powerful Dragon and Ground Pokémon

There are three locations throughout the Hisui region where trainers can find Gible. The oldest of these locations, however, is in Cobalt Highlands, so there will be no early game Gibles for trainers to pick up.

Once players reach Cobalt Highlands, they’ll enter Wayward Cave (anyone who played the original Gen IV games probably knows what’s next). Similar to the modern Sinnoh region, there are two paths trainers can take in Wayward Cave.

The first time the player passes through here, Ingo will lead them through the cave. Eventually, he will find the torches that have been misplaced and put them back. Once done, trainers can backtrack to the start of the Wayward Cave.

Garchomp evolves from Gabite at level 48 (Image via Game Freak)
Garchomp evolves from Gabite at level 48 (Image via Game Freak)

Then the trainers must cross following the torches. Once they reach the sixth torch, however, they can head in the opposite direction. This will bring them to a small room where Gible is.

If that sounds a bit tedious, don’t worry. There’s a much easier way to get Gible if trainers wait a little longer in-game. As you go up Coronet Highlands, they’ll eventually encounter Clamberclaw Cliffs. Here they can find Gible around as well as Gabite.

Finally, if coaches don’t mind waiting much later in the game, they can find Gible in the Alabaster Icelands. Specifically, Gible hangs out in Avalanche Slopes. Keep in mind, however, that trainers who catch Gible here won’t be able to use it too much.

Gible is a Dragon-type and Ground-type Pokemon, which makes it 4x weak to Ice. As trainers have surely noticed, Alabaster Iceland is littered with Ice-type Pokemon, making it difficult for Gible to level up.

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