Immerse yourself in Disney’s colourful, romantic and melodious Little Mermaid at Scarborough’s YMCA Theater – how to get your tickets

Evie McGlinchey, Owen Price and Jack Wheeler star in The Little Mermaid at the YMCA Theatre, Scaborough until Saturday April 23

The curtain went up earlier this week on YMCA Productions’ staging of the musical which features hit songs Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl, Poor Unfortunate Souls and Part of Your World.

From the second the audience enters the auditorium, there is a taste of the sea – soft fronds, lobster traps, fishing nets and coral reefs.

The stage is set for a romantic and thrilling tale of the deep – the mermaid Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric, whom she saves from drowning and then dreams of living happily ever after with him.

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First, she must grow a pair of legs and learn to adapt to life above the ocean waves – and defy her father’s wishes to fulfill her ambition.

Director Katie Doubtfire keeps the pace fast while allowing her cast of youngsters to shine in their lead roles — and make the most of the cameos.

Evie McGlinchey, who played sweet Sandy in the company’s production of Grease last year, leads the cast beautifully as the glorious, fiery-voiced siren Ariel.

Archie Floyd is the rebel Prince Eric and Josh Simpson is the lordly caretaker Grimsby.

Jasmine Towse, who was the sassy Rizzo in Grease, rides the crest of the wave in turn as the dark-hearted octopus Ursula – who tricks Ariel into giving up her voice so she can live on land.

She can act as well as belt acts including Poor Unfortunate Souls. She was the villain the audience loved to hate.

Amy Cosheril and George Schmuck as his sidekicks Flotsam and Jetsam, respectively, had all the right shots.

Of course, it’s the comedic characters that get the best lines. Owen Prince as the crab Sebastian is notable as Ariel’s tortured and reluctant chaperone.

Jack Wheeler is the devoted Flounder and Hannah Smith the bird-brained Scuttle.

Mention must go to James Ireland as French Chef Louis. His delivery of The Fishes was a masterclass in timing and comedic performance.

The chase scene with Owen Price’s Sebastian was a highlight.

Amy Shepherdson, Adria Beattie, Phoebe Davies Bekkii Playforth, Annabelle Wallis-Scholey and Elisha Stuttard were terrific as Ariel’s sisters and delivered their She’s In Love act like a proper girl group.

In true YMCA style, the production is all about performance and production. One cannot excel without the other,

The sets – a ship, an underwater kingdom, a palace – are amazing and colorful.

First-class lighting effects and sound quality.

YMCA Productions brings Disney’s Little Mermaid to the stage with high-quality performances, superb song and dance, and all the bells and whistles audiences have come to expect.

It has humor, romance, tunes and thrills to keep the whole family entertained and occupied for a few hours this holiday week.

Evie McGlinchey, Archie Floyd, Owen Price, Jack Wheeler, Steve Brewster, Jasmine Towse, Amy Cosheril, George Schmuck;

Amy Shepherdson, Adria Beattie, Phoebe Davies, Bekkii Playforth, Annabelle Wallis-Scholey, Elisha Stuttard;

Josh Simpson, Hannah Smith, James Ireland, CJ Wells, Thomas Atkinson Windward, Isabelle Bradbury Leeward.

Lucy Butterfield, Lucy Marshall.

Dexy Carroll, Aimee Draper, Emily Harrison, Lily Hayes, Oliver Johnson, Veronica Koval-Meth, Jess Little, Layla Noble, Harri Smith, Evan Todd, Bex Wainwright and Scarlett Winspear

Katie Doubtfire, director; Hayley Green, assistant director; Hannah Beattie, musical director; Tilly Jackson, choreographer

Technical and creative team

Set, Curious Theme Factory; costumes, Lisa Smith, Sandie Gosling, Wendy Chapman, Liz Scarborough, Kay O’Brien, Rose Hadley, Korola Powell;

Accessories, Anne Mortlock; sound design, Mark Watling; sound control, Declan Carr, lighting design, Liam Downey, Graham Ibbotson

Lighting Control, Ethan Sweeney-Graham, Tom Jey, Ollie Winter;

Stage Manager, Hayley Green; the behind the scenes team, Chris Bullivant, Dave Smith, Joseph Prince and Thomas Denston.

Creation of marketing content, Winter Productions.

Catch Disney’s The Little Mermaid at the YMCA Theatre, St Thomas Street, Scarborough on Wednesday April 20, Thursday April 21, Friday April 22 and Saturday April 23, daily at 2 p.m.

There are evening performances at 7 p.m. on Thursday April 21, Friday April 22 and Saturday April 23.

Tickets and performances can be booked through the box office on 01723 506750 or online at


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