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Inscryption is a strange game. It’s mostly a card combat experience akin to something like Slay the Spire, but like previous titles from Dan Mullins Games, such as Pony Island, Inscryption is much more than it looks. Additionally, its card fighting gameplay is quite robust and well-developed, although fighting and winning card battles is just the way for you to explore its eerie world and storyline.

Getting into Inscryption can be a bit daunting, as the game plunges you into the depths with little explanation and you’ll have to explore it carefully to start to understand it. To help you get started, we’ve put together some handy tips that will help you win battles, find better maps, uncover secrets, and get started in the gameplay of Encryption.

Get up from the table

There is a lot more going on in Inscryption than it immediately seems. Soon you will realize that you can leave the table where the card game is being played and walk around the dark and spooky cabin you find yourself in. Most of the puzzles that you will be solving, especially in the first part of the game, can be found in the first person part of the game, scattered around the cabin.

The puzzles that you can find and solve in the cabin will advance the storyline of Encryption – it’s not just about winning – and reward you with additional cards for your deck. Later in the game it will be all about solving these puzzles which will unlock some of the best maps you can find, so be sure to get up frequently and walk around to see what you can discover. There are secrets all over this game so explore it all the way and don’t be afraid to try and click on stuff.

Read the rulebook

There are a lot of simple mechanics in play in Inscryption that are relatively easy to understand, but not immediately explained by the game. To understand them all, you will at least have to go through the rulebook, located to the left of the table as you walk through. lift for the first time. Note that you can also right-click on seals and other card icons while playing – anything that has an open book icon when you hover your mouse over it will instantly display the rulebook. Getting to know the Seals is important to understand how they interact with each other when playing the card game, but you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them for other reasons as well. Seals and other card game rules are essential for solving the Encryption puzzles, so it’s worth spending some time learning the rules.

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice the cards

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The main mechanic in Card Encryption battles, at least in the beginning, is “sacrifice”. You will see that many cards have blood droplets in the upper right corner which dictate how much “blood” they cost to play – most cards sacrificed provide blood. The point of all of this is that better cards cost more blood to play, and you shouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice weak cards to get better ones on the board. It’s all about strategy, of course – you don’t want to leave yourself open to attack by sacrificing key blockers at the wrong time – but especially in more difficult battles, relying too much on weak cards will cripple you late in the game. because your opponents start to bring out creatures capable of making your characters roll. Keep squirrels and cats close at hand and play weak cards with a plan in mind to cash them later.

Organize your deck as much as you can

As you move up the board, you will find opportunities where you can do things like sacrifice one card to strengthen another. While it can be difficult to determine what you should part with, the odds of throwing things out of your deck are good, and you’ll want to find smart ways to use those opportunities. Watch out for cards that don’t really work for you, stay in your hand, are unplayable, or seem to have more disadvantages than advantages when you put them on the board. A card that doesn’t help you win isn’t worth owning, even if it has a lot of power or a ton of health. Think critically about what you are actually using when playing and winning, as keeping a smaller, leaner deck of cards is better than having a bigger deck with less useful cards.

It’s a Roguelike – Expect to Die

Encryption is much less about progressing through the card game part of the game than about discovering the secrets that surround you. While your ultimate goal is to get through all three areas of the board game, the random nature of the cards you unlock along the way means you’ll need a few tries. It doesn’t matter, however; like in other roguelikes, death is part of the experience, and in fact, you cannot move forward without it in some cases. Don’t dwell too much on a specific race – instead, be sure to venture into spaces on the board you’ve never seen before and take on new challenges whenever you can. Even dying can reveal new information that you will need to be successful.

Buy weird things and give up your cards for weird rewards

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Every now and then you will come across opportunities to give away cards or exchange them for special items. When you run into these moments, expect to be a little hesitant – you probably won’t know what you’re getting, and you probably won’t want to part with your cards. However, it is important to seize these opportunities when they arise. Using certain items and unlocking certain maps will help you solve puzzles that will move the tale forward, so don’t hesitate to take risks. As mentioned above, you’re probably going to die multiple times anyway, so don’t be too valuable for any given race. Instead, use your opportunities to learn more about the world around you. And for this purpose …

Don’t be stingy with objects

As you solve puzzles around the cabin, you’ll unlock new items that stack up on the side of the table, which you can deploy in the middle of battle to give yourself a tactical advantage. It can be tempting to save them for tough fights, but don’t be afraid to crack open a squirrel bottle in the blink of an eye. Backpack seal spaces on the board will restock your items, and they’re plentiful – so you can often get new things quite easily. Pack Rat cards also give you random items when you play them, so don’t be shy about holding items for the perfect moment.

Plus, some items will lead to some cool opportunities to unlock new secrets, so be sure to use them here and there to see what happens. The knife, for example, gives you a big advantage in a losing game, but its use will also have some interesting unintended consequences.

Use your death to make OP cards

Fall into battle twice in Inscryption, and your character will be dragged to a locked room in the cabin and, apparently, killed. Before the character dies, however, your opponent shadow will capture their likeness for a new card, and you will be given the opportunity to determine their parameters. Your options are limited to random items drawn from your deck, but if you choose wisely, you can craft great cards when you die.

Apply your own strategy to crafting Death Cards, but if you can collect a few rare ones by defeating bosses like the Prospector or the Fisherman, you can have some pretty good options. We managed to create a devastating death card by combining the low cost of something like the Cub with the massive power of the rare Urayuli. With that thing on the board, you’re pretty much unstoppable. The more you die, the more useful death cards you will be able to craft, and while not all of them will be winners, the chances of them being very useful are high.

Decorate your squirrels

Get to know the icon that allows you to meet the woodcarver. This strange encounter grants you major benefits: Each time you encounter the Woodcarver, you can grab a new piece for your totem pole, choosing from three different options each time. Pay attention to the type of cards you have in your deck, whether they are wolves, birds, insects or squirrels, and try to grab totem items that will power whatever you have it. more. If nothing stands out, take the opportunity when you meet the woodcarver to try and improve your squirrel cards. You have a ton of them, and if you can get a Major Sigil boost that lets you sacrifice a card for three bloods instead of one, for example, you can give yourself a massive advantage. Totems that make your squirrels more sturdy blockers or give them the power to attack can make you a lot more formidable, so don’t sleep chasing useful totem pieces.

Check the skull for free teeth

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After you progress through the game a bit and meet both the Trapper and the Trader, you’ll want to pay attention to your opportunities to earn Gold Teeth in Battles. You can do this by dealing more damage than needed to win in a match – each additional point of damage is converted into teeth which you can then spend when you meet the trapper. For this reason, you may not want to allow your opponent to concede too many matches, as you will have the opportunity to earn more teeth.

The teeth are spent with the trapper, who will sell you skins. These cards aren’t very useful in your deck except as blockers, but if you run into the trader you can swap the Skin cards for much more useful cards to fuel your deck. It’s a bit of a complicated system, but it’s worth taking the time to visit both characters and spend your extra teeth.

Finally, you can also collect a random number of free gold teeth on each race. Get up from the table and head to the wall next to your opponent, where you’ll find a brown skull. Click on the teeth in the skull and you can extract them and keep them to yourself. There will always be at least one tooth per stroke, but you can find up to four, so be sure to check them out.

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