Inside Out with Paul Mecurio: Paul McCartney


CelebrityAccess is proud to welcome comedian and podcaster Paul Mecurio to the platform.

Emmy & Peabody Award-winning writer for “The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart” Mecurio currently hosts the “Inside Out With Paul Mercurio” podcast, where he interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment including Stephen Colbert, Bryan Cranston , Bill Burr , Kristen Chenoweth, Artie Lange, Katie Couric and Neil deGrasse Tyson, among many others.

For the first podcast on CelebrityAccess, Paul interviews rock legend Sir Paul McCartney:

A once-in-a-lifetime interview with the greatest and most influential songwriter/musician the world has ever seen. This interview is about the creative life and work of Sir Paul – how he approaches songwriting, early life as a Beatle (listen to great stories of being on the road with no money when the Beatles were young boys), how the Beatles wrote together, and how and why the Beatles were able to constantly experiment and create new sounds and approaches with their music. Paul describes what the Beatles breakup was like and what it was emotionally like for him to go solo with his new band, “Wings” and more.





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