Just Eat reveals counties with the sweetest tooth


As the trick or treaters gear up for a long-awaited comeback this weekend, Just Eat is urging those taking to the streets of Dublin, Cork and Limerick to get out early, as these counties top the poll for the most tooth. sweet. Representing over 69% of all desserts ordered on Just Eat in 2021 – these top three counties could sell out quickly on Sunday, coincidentally the most popular day to order dessert.

Ireland’s favorite treats have also been revealed, as Just Eat has reported a 50% increase in demand for desserts over the past 12 months. Hot apple pie has become the country’s most popular sweet treat, while the choice between ice cream and hot cookie dough continues to divide a nation of dessert lovers, with these favorites ranked in poll positions. successive!

Just Eat also revealed the solution to the volatile cookie and ice cream debate that classic cookie dough is officially the country’s favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

In the Wild West, Ben & Jerry’s flavor preferences differ, according to data from Just Eat, customers in Galway, Sligo and Mayo are more likely to enjoy a weekend of Netflix & Chill’d, while Donegal’s are quicker at Chew Chew on the caramel-filled chocolate chunks of the ’90s classic. By contrast, Limerick is crazy about cookies, with warm and chewy chocolate chip cookies the predominant treat of choice in Limerick.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack for your scary movie marathon or just stuck for something sweet and salty to share with friends at the end of witch hour, Just Eat a Hallo – what you need to be delivered straight to your door.

Find your favorite flavor or treat for every occasion on Just Eat – check out the Just Eat app or visit www.just-eat.fr.


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