Legends of Nanyang stars talk about iQiyi’s first original series in Southeast Asia


‘The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang’ cast at online press conference (iQiyi)

“The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang,” iQiyi’s first original in Southeast Asia, will premiere on August 24.

The series tells the story of how an intrepid duo came together to help wandering souls in the mortal world complete their unfinished business.

At an August 20 online press conference, “The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang” stars Lawrence Wong, Qi Yuwu, Kate Kinney, Tay Ping Hui, Jeanette Aw, Debbie Goh, Koe Yeet and Jojo Goh spoke of their roles and over-defining experiences.

When asked what attracted him to his role on the series, Lawrence Wong said he had “always been passionate about horror films. But ‘The Ferryman’ doesn’t just have spooky visuals, it also has a lot more depth, exploring questions about love and life.

As the show revolves around the theme of death, he said that “filming this show actually reminded me of the many little joys in life that I have missed after working tirelessly over the past few years.”

Kate Kinney, the show’s youngest lead actor, said she felt stressed before her first day on set, saying, “I secretly searched for my co-actors and found out they were all extremely experienced actors. ” She said the other cast members were welcoming and patient during filming.

Qi Yuwu, who plays Grim Reaper Zhao Li, said the biggest challenge he faced was his fear of horror genres, but decided to play the role because it was “very rare to see a collaboration so important between Singapore and the Malaysian actors and crew “and said he was delighted that” every story of The Ferryman has human elements, and I appreciated being able to convey those feelings through Zhao Li “.

Speaking to Yuwu, Tay Ping Hui added that his favorite scene was the long monologue he gave.

“It was a strong message about how to treat others, including animals, with kindness and humanity, filming the scene made me realize that we weren’t the best with our treatment of animals, and that should definitely change, ”he said.

As well as playing the dual role of an honest policewoman and an evil spirit who longs for world domination, Jeanette Aw also had to learn a complete dance sequence for the show, saying, “My dance teacher has choreographed the dance for me. I had to learn the whole sequence because the director was hoping to capture different angles. We had to shoot the footage several times to achieve this and it went well.

Meanwhile, Malaysian actor Debbie Goh, who plays a character who desires immorality, shared that she found herself very different from her role.

“My character wants to be immortal, but in reality I don’t. I believe that we as human beings must learn to accept the natural process of aging, disease and death, so that we can cherish life even more. She also has a naive outlook on love, wanting to give everything to get it, but I personally have other priorities like investing in my family, ”she said. “The stories in the series have a lot of depth and audiences can expect to gain valuable life lessons from them.”

Meanwhile, an unexpected twist from a well-known character – the King of Hades – is directed by actress Jojo Goh. Depicted as a fluid being between the sexes, the King of Hades is considered the key influence in many of the tales in the series.

Playing such a role for the first time, Jojo said, “When I was talking about my involvement with my friends and family, they were surprised that I was playing a traditionally male character – the King of Hades. My character sometimes comes across as feminine if she wants it, and masculine if she wants it.

Finally, when asked if the cast had any scary encounters on set, Koe Yeet responded with a simple ‘no’, adding that ‘although half of my projects are horror genre, I did. never experienced anything supernatural! This time, my mother had prepared a little talisman of a boar’s tooth for me before shooting, and maybe that’s what protected me.

Starting August 24, “The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang” will have two new episodes released every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. SGT on the iQiyi International app or iQ.com.




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